What I’ve Learned From my Hair Transformations

Once upon a time there was a natural blonde…who couldn’t stop dyeing her hair! From my natural golden roots to deep brunette, long in length to an A-line bob (a la Victoria Beckham, of course) – I’ve always seen a box of dye and a pair of scissors as the fastest way to change up my look. While I have no regrets on my journey to the perfect hair day, I’ve learned a lot from my many hair transformations.

I was born a regular Alice in Wonderland: blonde hair, blue dress, and all. I had the most ridiculously long, sun bleached blonde hair as a kid. Here’s me in my Alice costume below – no wig necessary.


I dabbled with highlights and lowlights throughout high school, but by the time I hit college I was in the mood for some real soul searching. “Blondes are just too happy,” I thought to myself. “I’m not perky enough to be a blonde.” In search of some dark mystery of my own inspired by babes like Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian – it was time to go brunette.


So the things that they don’t tell you on the box of brunette hair dye are:

1. Blonde hair is thirsty for hair dye – color sticks to blonde like glue.

2. When brunette hair dye starts to grow out as natural blonde roots grow in, you literally look like you’re balding.

3. As soon as you get tired of your actually not so mysterious brunette hair – you can’t just magically switch back to blonde.

Enter phase 3: cat pee orange hair.


I distinctly remember the day at the salon that left me branded with the above brassy locks. Armed with good intentions but a lack of knowledge, the stylist bathed my head in bleach. After I had dried my tears from the sheer burning pain, the waterworks started all over again when she peeled back the towel to reveal my bright orange hair. Learn a lesson from my mistake ladies – there’s no such thing as a magic transformation from brunette to blonde. Rather than taking a bleach bath, have your stylist take you lighter no more than two shades at a time.

Throughout my many hair transformations I’ve had my ups and downs. A new box of dye can give lots of smiles, but the road to recovery can often be paved with tears. Most importantly I’ve learned that even though I may not feel as perky as Elle Woods – I’ve definitely got that same blonde ambition.

Do you frequently change up your look or do you stick to what works best?

xoxo Blonde

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