WTF is

It’s all over your Instagram feed – and you have no idea what it is.

Bloggers everywhere are yapping about in their Instagram captions – but few people are spelling out what exactly is and what it does for you.

So let’s break it down.

What is is the easiest way to shop.

You know how you are constantly “liking” your favorite outfit photos on Instagram and screenshotting them to save for later? makes your Instagram and Snapchat shoppable.

And that rocks.

There are a couple of cool ways to use to get the best outfit inspo.

How to tell if a photo is enabled.

There are a few ways you’ll know if a photo is enabled. photos will have links in them to allow you to click and shop!

Shoppable photos will include a link allowing you to shop online. The bad news about this feature is you cannot click the link directly from Instagram. The good news is that if the Instagram post is also shared to Facebook – you can!

Easy peasy. photos will have the little symbols in the lower right hand corner.

One of the newest features of photos is the logo in the right hand corner. Any time you see that little heart logo in the corner of a photo – you know you can like it, screenshot it, and shop it using

The person posting will straight up tell you.

Most influencers scream from the rooftops that their photo is enabled.

You can see below where I’ve done all three of the above methods. I’ve included a link, my photo includes the logo in the bottom right hand corner, and I’m letting my readers know that they can shop my exact outfit and similar items by using!

What is liketoknowit?

Use to shop Instagram via email. started by allowing you to shop Instagram via email. You can sign up for here and whenever you “like” a enabled photo on Instagram you’ll get all the outfit details delivered straight to your inbox.

How cool is that. 

What is liketoknowit?

Use the app to shop Instagram and Snapchat.

Shop your likes and screenshots.

While emails in your inbox are fun and all – we all have enough email as it is. When announced the launch of an app I went bananas. Now you can shop all your likes and screenshots in one easy place – without the hassle of a messy inbox.

When you first login to the app you’ll see all of your liked and screenshot photos ready to go.

What is liketoknowit?

From there you can click into each individual photo to shop that look! The blogger has conveniently tagged all items (or similar items) for you to shop from inside the app.

You can see below where I tagged items in one of my Instagram posts about my new Fitbit. I included the exact Fitbit and band I use as well as other bands I’m loving right now. When you click on each item you’re redirected to that retailer’s website and can easily shop from there!

Nailed it. 

What is liketoknowit?

Discover new outfits.

One of my other fave features about the new app is the “discover” tab. Under the “discover” section you can browse other shoppable images, finding new outfits and flat lays you love.

What is liketoknowit?

Okay all that’s cool but why should you care.

Well you should care because 1) you’re busy and this is easy and 2) you can actually save a ton of money.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook for example, I’m constantly shouting out when cute shit goes on sale. I’m super into quality but I’m also super into a good deal. And I like to share when good deals happen to all my friends.

AKA you guys.

Lots of influencers round up great outfit picks at great prices. makes shopping easy, fun, and even affordable.

Have you ever used to shop? Tell me in the comments below!

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