Weekly Bite #3

I've been loving this new little weekly series we have going on here! Weekly Bite is meant to recap my week in a true behind the scenes sort of fashion. 

This week? High protein breakfast, Burberry, botox, and #NSale madness.


Monday was sort of a rough start to the week. I woke up with a raging cold sore on my face, so that was cute. I rarely ever get them (like once every couple of years). So I guess I was due. 

BUT I tried out a super new breakfast I'm excited about. I was telling a girlfriend of mine that I struggle to eat protein in my diet and I was on the hunt for a lean and delicious breakfast. She suggested soft/hard boiled eggs, avocado, and smoked salmon. 

It's so delicious. And packed with protein! I def had this every day of the week and intend to continue. 


After work on Tuesday I did a little pre-Nordstrom Anniversary Sale round. I went to the store to check out the sale sections and randomly found this amazing Burberry jacket on sale! Yeah...I might've bought that.

I also had crazy guilt for buying such an investment piece that I immediately went home and did a crazy closet purge. I have a super strict "one in, one out" rule. This time it was like one in, thirty out. Lolz. 

But really - I'm making a huge effort to invest in more classic, quality pieces so that I can get rid of fast fashion pieces I barely wear. It's a process.


Wednesday was 100% Nordstrom Sale prep. Honestly I really avoided any Nordstrom Sale posts and coverage for years - I used to be so annoyed with bloggers clogging my feed with "OMG #NSALE."

After doing sale coverage for one year - I have nothing but respect for those women now. Like dear Lord, covering the Nordstrom Sale is MAJOR WORK.

I spend Wednesday creating my top picks post and creating custom graphics for both the blog and Instagram. I wanted to make sure my content was a different approach to the Nordstrom Sale - I focused on basics instead of trendy pieces. Think staples you can wear for years to come and snag at a discount.

I included some snaps of my checklist for my Nordstrom Sale content. I was up until 2:30 am on Wednesday (technically Thursday) getting all this done.


I was exhausted come Thursday morning, but knew that the first day of the Nordstrom Sale was crucial to my blog strategy so pressed on.

After a full day at work, I went back to the store for a big try on. I wrote an entire post about it here and you can see everything I bought and how it all fit!

By the time I was done I was basically dead inside - but STILL KEPT WORKING.

My little bro came over and we shot a bunch of my Nordstrom outfits outside my apartment. You know, for the gram. I then did all the editing and plopped them into Planoly (the website I use to plan my IG feed).

And then I went to bed. 


The main event on Friday was a little trip to Skinspirit for a Botox refresh. I've written an entire blog post on my experience with Botox here. Basically I'm obsessed and Lauren at Skinspirit is my angel. 

Saturday & Sunday

The weekend was super chill and relaxing! I did some SoulCycle and happily ate all my calories back with a dinner at our close friend's house. They made delicious pork chops. They also served it with garlic cooked in a style I had never had before. I think just roasted? Whatever. It was insane.

Until next week, babes!

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