Weekly Bite #2

I'm really digging this new weekly series situation. If you missed week #1, you can catch up here. Every week I'll be downloading ya'll on my day to day, including behind the scenes blog action! So let's get cracking.


Monday kicked off with a fairly heavy meeting schedule at work. After I got home, I dove into prepping for a 4th of July BBQ one of our friends was hosting. The BBQ was potluck style so our contribution was going to be my famous (I'm calling it famous - because it's amazing) homemade chocolate mousse.

I'm super proud of this little concoction because it's totally delicious, but also totally cheating. It's not real mousse. Real mousse is fancy and has eggs and shit. My mousse is only two ingredients: whipped cream and chocolate chips.

This recipe ain't healthy - but it will impress everyone you make it for. 

All you have to do is make your own homemade whipped cream and fold in melted chocolate chips. I borrowed KB's mom's mixer and whipped heavy whipping cream until it formed peaks. From there I melted down milk chocolate chips and gently folded in the melted delicious goo into the whipped cream. It's important to fold not mix - this keeps the texture light and fluffy! Then you just stick the bowl in the fridge overnight and BOOM delicious chocolate mousse. 

KB is such a trooper. Sometimes the mixing portion takes forever and my arm gets sore. He tapped in to help out.

We had Tuesday evening plans so I had to prep this Monday night. Planning ahead is life. 


On Tuesday I got off from work around 3:30 and KB and I took off for my very first A's game! You can actually find a full run down of our experience in this post. The Oakland A's actually hosted us, so it was a paid partnership. 

I seriously have to constantly remind myself to stop each day and be truly present and thankful for opportunities like this one. If you had asked me a year or two years ago if I thought I'd be partnering with local organizations and getting paid to do so, I really would have laughed. 

I really want this weekly series to be helpful to new bloggers, so feel free to hit me with any Q's in the comments below around the monetization topic - I'm happy to answer! I worked on this particular campaign through a company called Blog Meets Brand.


Wednesday was the 4th of July so obviously I spent my day being a true patriot - eating at a BBQ and watching fireworks.

Just like, living the life.

We went over to a friend's house for a group BBQ. I brought my mousse and it was a total hit! I'm tellin' ya, it's a crowd pleaser. 


Thursday was yet another prep day. We actually were planning to leave for Tahoe on Friday so I had plenty of packing to do. I cancelled my pilates class because I was feeling extra bloated from my period, but immediately felt guilty and signed up for a 6 am Friday class. Lolz. 

I also had to run to Target to get a bathing suit because I literally do not own bathing suits. I left my one suit back in Chicago last month on accident. I picked out this cute leopard print cheapie one from Target. I feel like it was a solid find. 

Friday & Saturday

I did, in fact, manage to drag my ass out of bed to get to 6 am pilates. Honestly I need to hop on that early bird work out train more often. By the time I'm off work I'm usually drop dead tired so sometimes it feels too easy to skip a workout. 

Anywhoosen - TAHOE TIME.

I got off work a little early on Friday and we started our drive on up to Tahoe! We were celebrating a friend's 30th birthday so night numero uno was mostly filled with a group dinner and lots of dancing and drinks (for them). The next day we hung out at the beach and did some grilling. For dinner on night two, a couple of the boys had whipped up some sou vide steak - it was LITERALLY the most delicious thing I've EVER had in my ENTIRE LIFE. I'm sold on this whole sou vide life. 


The bulk of Sunday was spent getting back to the city. Once back home I started prepping like mad for the week. I really want to hone in on eating healthier, which honestly includes a ton of meal prep. I baked some veggies and salmon for the week and also pulled together some more overnight oats (my fave!). 

Until next week, babes!

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