Wedding Update #1

Hola Bagel Babes. Consider this one the start of a brand new series: the Wedding Update series.

Obviously I love to spam the shit out of you guys with wedding content. You can find all my wedding related blog posts here. Most of my posts have been about tips, tricks, and inspiration. What I want to do with Wedding Update is keep it more journal/diary style. Because quite honestly wedding planning is a lot of work and I want to just have a space to update you guys on where we're at and how it's going!

So let's do itttt.

So here's where we stand as of today.

We have a venue!

I did an entire venue reveal blog post and YouTube video. I'm super excited about the venue because it's so historical and beautiful, but I have to be honest I've been kind of unimpressed with the service thus far. I really really hate to admit that (and really hate to document it on the internet), but I've struggled with communication with the venue team. And I try to keep my blog super transparent and honest - so I think it's important not to gloss over the stressors as they come up. Otherwise it looks like my wedding planning process is perfect and that, my friends, is a lie.

So anyway. I get it, our wedding is like half a year out, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tells me they'll have something to me by X time...and then they don't deliver it. It's all about expectations. Also, every time we get a new proposal from the venue team, it has some sort of error on it (incorrect menu item, etc). It's all little stuff, but honestly amidst all the details it's become sort of stressful. I'm hoping it gets easier!

I have my dress!

Can't share annnnything about it. Because it's a big ol' secret. But it's beautiful and seriously my dream dress. I cannot wait to wear it!

The dress will get to the store in May I think, so fittings will start shortly after.

We have both our photographer and videographer!

I'll be doing a big fat post all about my wedding vendors after the wedding is over (so that I can showcase their work), but I'm excited to share we've selected On the Times Photography for photos and Catch the Moment Productions for our video.

Caitlyn of On the Times is so insanely talented. I love the warmth of her photos and how natural they look (they don't look posed at all - something I hate with event photos). And Mike of Catch the Moment is a real gem, I have to say. Out of all the videographers I interviewed he was the most responsive - and he really worked with me to customize the perfect package for us. Spoiler alert - it'll include a little highlight video just for Instagram so you guys will be able to enjoy!

We're on the hunt for a florist.

I'm up to my eyeballs interviewing florists. We have some amazing options on the table and just need to sit down and prioritize.

When it comes to choosing vendors, we definitely consider everything from cost to style of work - but honestly what I end up caring the most about is vibes. Weddings can be super stressful and the last thing I need is a photographer, videographer, florist, band, etc causing additional stress.

Florist decision to come soon!

...this is way more stressful than I thought it would be.

I've honestly had a blast with planning. Seriously. I mean that.

BUT - I'm finally starting to feel a little stress. There's just a lot of details to handle and decisions to make. It can get really overwhelming. I'm noticing when I get the most stressed is when I feel like a vendor isn't being a true partner or paying attention (especially if I've said something, but then something gets delivered to me completely disregarding what I had said).

I also think there's a lot of falsehood around weddings. You'd think wedding planning and being engaged means you're constantly on Cloud 9, everything is romantic and beautiful, and everyone wants to celebrate with you all day long.

Notttt exactly how it really is.

It's often kind of hard to get people to get excited for you. You might be freaking out over how gorgeous your invites that just came in look - but there's going to be a friend right there to burst your bubble and change the subject real quick. Not every party will go exactly how you planned. You and your partner will bicker. You just will.

Because selecting linens isn't sexy.

But at the end of the day, you have to keep your focus. We're trying to remind ourselves what's really important (GETTING MARRIED).And when stuff doesn't go quite right, it pays off to remember the only thing that matters is you're going to end up together.

Okay WELL - that wraps up wedding update numero uno. I'm going to get back to my glass of wine and The Mummy if you don't mind me.

Yes...I'm watching the mummy like it's the early 2000's.

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