Testing Victoria Beckham Makeup

Let's just be honest that Victoria Beckham is ultimate cool girl vibes. As soon as I saw a Victoria Beckham makeup line was coming our way, I LOST it.

I needed to buy one of everything - and I did.

I purchased the three items the Victoria Beckham makeup line launched with so that I could review them all for you babes. I actually posted this photo to Instagram and everyone went bananas wanting to know what products I used - I created this eye look with only TWO products, both from Victoria Beckham beauty.

Let's  break down the ins and outs of this new beauty line, the pros, the cons, and everything in between.


What products are in the new Victoria Beckham makeup line?

I'm pretty sure (pretty hopeful!) that Victoria will expand the makeup line soon (skin & lips, please!), but the initial Victoria Beckham makeup launch includes an eyeliner, cream shadow, and eye shadow palette brick - all in a variety of colors.


I picked up the black color of Victoria's eyeliner. This liner is not meant to create clean, crisp lines. This eyeliner is meant to be smudged - it comes with a smudging tool on the opposite end of the pencil! Victoria's liner is soft and honestly, kind of smooshy. Perfect for the sexy rock and roll eye look of your dreams.

Cream shadow

I am OBSESSED with the cream eye shadows in this makeup line. Victoria's cream shadows are intensely pigmented, smooth, and long lasting. INSTANT glam, I'm telling you.

Eye shadow palette

The eye shadow brick shipped separately because it was on back order, so I've had less time with this product. The colors are definitely intense and have great pigment. There isn't a ton of kick back when you dip in your brush. That being said - these colors are fairly straight forward and basic. I think you could find easy dupes if you wanted to.

But the packaging, ya'll. This little eye shadow brick looks EXPENSIVE. Like, you want to leave it out on your counter level of cute.


Have you tried the new Victoria Beckham makeup line? Tell me in the comments below!

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