MAC Lipsticks You Probably Don’t Own But Definitely Need

After years of working behind the counter, I’ve have a pretty robust collection of MAC lipsticks. While it’s oh so tempting to peruse the lipstick display and gravitate towards your tried and true colors (Teddy, Hue, Angel, just to name a few) sometimes it’s even more fun to try a shade outside your comfort zone! Rather than dish out a list of top MAC lipsticks you most likely already own, I’ve pulled together the colors you probably don’t have but definitely need.


During one of my “Back to MAC” trips I decided to step way outside of my box and snag a coral shade. I remember it was a warm summer day which was why I had the sudden inspiration to go tropical and bright! I opted for a shade called Vegas Volt, a bright mix of pink and orange that marries into the perfect coral. Admittedly this color looks better with a nice tan, something I rarely have now that I live in San Francisco. I picture this shade rocked with bare eyes, dewey skin, and beachy hair pulled up into a messy top knot. Let the color on your lips do all the talking with this one.

My Olympus PEN didn’t quite pick up the vivacity of the next lipstick on the list like I would’ve wanted, but take my word that Girl About Town is the punchiest pink you’ll have in your arsenal. This is a perfect blue based pink (meaning your teeth won’t look yellow!) and is just bright enough for some extra fun but not so outrageous that you can’t rock it at the office.


Now we’ll take a walk on the dark side…with a shade actually called Dark Side! Dark Side is a deep, sexy maroon that instantly gives you an old Hollywood glamour look. Everyone owns a traditional fire engine red, but this darker shade takes you to a sultrier place for those nights that require a little more subtle elegance rather than all out flash.

My last recommendation is admittedly not for the faint of heart. Possibly one of the darkest shades made by MAC, Cyber is a deep purple-black color that may look intimidating but is incredibly flattering. Don’t be deceived into thinking only Rihanna can pull off this edgy shade – just lightly dab it on your lower lip and rub together for a softer look or go all out intense if you’re brave enough!


What shades of MAC lipstick are your favorites?

xoxo Blonde



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7 responses to “MAC Lipsticks You Probably Don’t Own But Definitely Need”

  1. I’ve been really into vampy looks lately, so definitely want to try Dark Side and Cyber! xx

  2. Late January says:

    They all look so intimidating. Lipstick is something that has always been difficult for me to wear out of the house. When I do try to give it a shot, I always end up wiping it off either right before I walk out the door or right after I walk out the door. Do you have a suggestion for someone who is lipstick shy but wants to have the sexy flair it adds?

    • Blondes & Bagels says:

      Lipstick IS intimidating – period! It’s also not super practical (let’s be honest with each other). Most of them are high maintenance (touch ups and making sure they don’t bleed) or if they are long wearing they’re too drying. I suggest a tinted chapstick or balm! I hear Fresh makes some amazing ones and so does Burts Bees! Or if you’re looking for something slightly sexier, try a NARS lip pencil. Those bad boys are easy enough to manage but also low on the commitment level 😉

  3. minaali says:

    My go-to colour these past few days have been Taupe. I love it!
    The Snap Narrative

    • Blondes & Bagels says:

      Ohhh I just looked that one up – I love it! It’s probably super beautiful with your hair color. I haven’t found my perfect shade of taupe yet…

      • minaali says:

        It’s my favourite mac lipstick, but as luck would have it I have four velvet teddy lipsticks (never send a father lipstick shopping – they bring back enough for a lifetime) and only one taupe!