Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Movies

The Quintessential Girl Power Movie:

Legally Blonde


Do I really even need to explain why this is not only on my list, but is number one? We’re both small. We’re both blonde. We both have degrees in Apparel Merchandising. You might as well just call me Elle Woods (sans Bruiser and pink sparkle bikini). Legally Blonde was amazing when it was released and is still amazing now because it is a total girl power movie. Elle not only defies stereotypes by being admitted into Harvard Law (“what, like it’s hard?”) but kicks major litigation ass, winning a high profile case by utilizing her knowledge of perms. Yes, I said perms. The soundtrack is also on point – don’t act like Hoku’s “Perfect Day” isn’t still a favorite on your iPod.

The Romantic Wanderlust Movie:

Letters to Juliet 

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Okay I’m just going to start by admitting the end of this movie is disgustingly cheesy. I typically stop the movie about 5 minutes from the end because I feel like it’s a sugar overload when Christopher Egan tells Amanda Seyfried he is “madly, deeply, truly, passionately in love” with her. Barf. But the rest of the movie is on point and totally satisfies my need to travel on those nights when I actually have zero desire to leave my room. Amanda Seyfried’s character, Sofie, takes a “pre honeymoon” to Verona with her workaholic then fiance, Victor. An aspiring writer, Sofie tags along with the Secretaries of Juliet in answering letters sent to the fictional character seeking romantic advice. Views of the sweeping Tuscan vineyards? check. Wine auction in Livorno? check. Gelato in Siena? check. 

Runner up romantic wanderlust movie goes to What a Girl Wants (back when Amanda Bynes was at the top of her game).

The Thank God There’s a Family Crazier Than Mine Movie:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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I feel a spiritual connection to this movie because my mom’s side of the family is Italian. Talking about what’s for dinner at 8 am, large extended family, screaming in your face Italian. Toula, a normal girl stuck in her Greek family’s world, falls in love with a non-Greek (a MAJOR no no because “Greeks marry Greeks to breed more Greeks, to be loud breeding Greek eaters”). Sometimes I just need a reminder that my family isn’t the only crazy one out there.

The I’m Probably too Old for This Movie:



I’ll always have a place in my heart for the OG Disney princesses, but step aside Cindrella, Rapunzel is the new kid in (Toon)town. See what I did there? Tangled is a spin off of the German fairy tale of “Rapunzel” but instead of your traditional & graceful princess, this Rapunzel is full of life, energy…and is kind of a total goober. Locked away in her tower, Tangled starts off with Rapunzel belting out the catchiest Disney song to date (“When Will My Life Begin” was my college anthem). Rapunzel eventually escapes from her tower, falls in love, yada yada yada the usual happily ever after. Though this particular Disney happily ever after story is loaded with lots of laughs and an awesome soundtrack.

 The Rainy Day Classic:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s


We here at Blondes & Bagels may look more like a Marilyn, but we like to pride ourselves on truly being an Audrey. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is quirky, inspirational, and witty (the fact that Holly owns a cat named cat, for example). Holly Golightly’s enchanting antics hook me every time. Wearing eye masks equipped with eyelashes and eating pastries in the early AM outside of Tiffany’s sounds just too perfect.

xoxo Blonde

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