5 Ways to Beat Allergy Season

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Allergies got you down?


Allergy season is the worst. But no worries - I've got killer tips to help you survive.

And I also have a furry little guest author helping me out with this post today...


Limit your time outdoors.

It can be super tempting to spend tons of time outside as soon as the spring sun starts shining. Unfortunately if allergies are your issue, the outdoors can be rough. 
Limit your time outdoors to only an hour or two a day to keep allergies at bay. The sun might be gorgeous, but the pollen is a bummer.

Leave your shoes at the door.

After enjoying time outside, make sure to not bring any pollen or dust indoors with you - leave those shoes at the door! I also personally tend to keep my windows closed as allergy season starts. I’m all about keeping the allergies at bay by keeping dirt and dust outside where they belong.

Go dust free!

Popcorn here. I'm the adorable tuxedo kitten in the family and I've got a BIG tip for how to beat allergy season.
My family loves me and all, but litter can be a huge problem when it comes to allergy season. Kelsey recently brought home the new TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™ Unscented Clumping Litter and her sniffles are gone.
Why, you may ask? TIDY CATS Free and Clean is 99.9% dust free! My new favorite litter has Unscented Odor Control with the Power of Activated Charcoal - which means no stink for my family and also no fragrances that I don't like. Kelsey also appreciates the clumps (they make for super easy cleanup!). 
Alright, alright - cute kitty guest post aside.
Seriously - TIDY CATS Free and Clean has been my allergy season life saver. The idea of voluntarily bringing dust into my home during allergy season gives me endless stress which is exactly why this 99.9% dust free formula rocks my world.
If you've got a furry friend like I do in the house, make sure to swing by Target and snag the Traditional Clump or Lightweight versions of TIDY CATS Free and Clean on sale buy one get one 50% off from 4/22-4/28! I love a good deal. I picked ours up in the pet aisle during our most recent trip to Target.

Eat healthy!

Keep your immune system up and at ‘em by eating healthy. Eating healthy is a good idea in general, but a tough allergy season means your body can use all the extra fuel it can get. Eating a balanced diet keeps me feeling like I’m on my A game.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Hydrating is also always a good idea - but let’s get real for just a quick second here. Staying hydrated actually helps thin out mucus in your nasal passages. 
Extra hydration = easier allergy season.

Popcorn and I are definitely in a serious relationship. I'm so thankful to have TIDY CATS Free and Clean to keep her happy - and keep my home allergy free this Spring!

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