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Alright ya'll it's been far too long since I've posted. It's been one heck of a week I'll tell ya that.

FIRST of all - I've been alone. Like real alone. Boy toy flew to Chicago without me and took the cat to his parent's place because I'm flying out to meet him. 

But essentially that meant I was without boy or cat for five days.

I'm actually sitting here writing to you from Terminal 2 at SFO as I wait for my now very delayed flight out to Chi city to meet him. I was supposed to land at 1 am. I now land at 3 am. So like, not ideal.

ANYWHO I figured why not break out the laptop and talk about happier things. Like my newest addiction to snacks.

I've been ordering all my fave healthy snacks and meal ingredients from Thrive Market. I actually discovered Thrive Market by listening to Lauryn's podcast. Think Amazon Prime but for healthy groceries. Or like, Whole Foods delivered and cheaper.

It's pretty genius.

I'm not usually into anything that requires an annual membership, but I've already made my dollars back with Thrive. They actually calculate your savings as you shop (so I can stock up on Rao's sauce and see exactly how much I'm saving by not buying it elsewhere).

Alright folks let's get into the good stuff - my Thrive Market FAVES.

★ Health Warrior Chia Bars ★

I don't typically reach for candy bars as is, but these make me feel like I'm able to have one. I prefer the dark chocolate bars because then I feel extra naughty. But like, also good. They're packed with protein and superfoods - chi chi chi chi chia!

★ Banza Chickpea Pasta ★

Obviously I love carbs which means OG pasta still has my heart. But honestly Banza is just as good. Banza is made which chickpeas so it's packed with protein. I've actually written an entire post about Banza here

★ Rao's Red Sauce ★

I always claimed to hate red sauce - until I tried Rao's. This sauce is UNREAL. It tastes so fresh and amazing and the fresh ingredients make it my numero uno. I only recently learned that a lot of red sauces have added sugar. SUGAR. If I wanted added sugar I'd eat an actual candy bar or like take a trip to see my boys Ben & Jerry. I def don't want it in my red sauce. Praise the gods for Rao's. It's freaking amazing.

★ Graze Sticks ★

I've only recently been turned onto these. They came highly recommended from a friend. Graze Sticks are the adult Slim Jim that is actually good for you. Also another great source of protein! Can you tell I'm protein deficient? 

★ Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips ★

Can't seem to quit your chip craving? Swap 'em out with sweet potato. I'm not sure any chip can actually be "good" for you - but these are definitely better. 

★ Paleo Snack Mix ★

I want to clarify I am by no means paleo - but this snack mix is the bomb. They actually have a few different flavors, but the Chipotle BBQ is my personal fave. It's zesty and, you guessed it, packed with protein.

★ Honey Lavender Tea ★

This tea is actually labeled as "stress relief" which is right up my alley. I love this soothing tea. It's not too sweet, but just sweet enough. And it's caffeine free which is an essential for me because I go bonkers when I have caffeine.

All in all guys - would HIGHLY recommend you check out Thrive. I've been using it for three months and I just can't quit. Also if you click that little linkey-poo you get 25% off your order. Not sponsored - just sharing a sweeeeet deal.

Tell me if you pick up any of my fave items!

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