The Perfect Charcuterie & Cheese Board

Blondes & Bagels says charcuterie and wine is a perfectly acceptable dinner. There’s a whole world of delicious cheeses and savory meats out there, but we’ve assembled our quick and easy go-to’s for our favorite charcuterie and cheese board below!



Soft cheeses are my favorite. I love that gooey, melts in your mouth kind of texture. My favorite charcuterie boards typically have more soft cheese options (due to my disclosed mild obsession) but I still love to get variety within the soft cheese category. A total fan favorite is Cypress Grove’s Humboldt Fog. Humboldt Fog is a light goat cheese with a crumbly center and a deliciously runny section along the rind. This semi-soft crowd pleasure is usually the first cheese to disappear off my charcuterie plate.


Humboldt Fog

My second soft cheese on the board is usually Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt. Tam. This buttery brie has just the slightest hint of a white mushroom taste. Mt. Tam is just so tasty and a little frightening just how much of it I can eat in one sitting. To round off my cheeses I add in a hard cheese, in this case an aged Manchego.


Mt. Tam


A peppered salami is a must have for a meat and cheese plate. Peppered salami pairs so well with both Humboldt Fog and Mt. Tam, guests can even skip the crackers or bread and press their cheese right onto the salami and right into their mouths – yum! Although slightly more expensive than a salami, adding a side of prosciutto is just downright delicious and adds a smokier, saltier option.


Pair all the above with a side of your favorite fruit (guests often love slices of apple for their soft cheeses, I personally love a soft yellow peach). Add a few glasses of a medium bodied red wine and you’ve got a beautiful night ahead of you. Bon appetite!

xoxo Blonde

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