The Best Spotify Playlist for Every Mood

Music can really set a mood – and having the best Spotify playlist on hand for every occasion can help take that mood into a full on vibe.

I’m admittedly THAT person that subscribed to Apple Music instead of Spotify. My husband was the one paying for a Spotify subscription, which I promptly made him change to a family plan so I could get ALL the music. A girl’s gotta have options, ya know?

The part I’ve loved about Spotify more so than Apple Music are the playlists. Spotify playlists are hands down better than Apple Music playlists. They just are. When it comes to a perfectly curated playlist, Spotify users have cracked the code.

Forget specific, top artists. Forget albums. If you’re on the hunt for tracks that set the tone for your day, your study session, your workout, or just your general vibe – add these Spotify playlists to your rotation.

Find the best Spotify playlist for every occasion in this blog post guide. From working out to general vibes - this list has it all.

Find the best Spotify playlist for every occasion in this blog post guide. From working out to general vibes - this list has it all.

The best Spotify playlist for achieving flow state.

I had actually never heard of “flow state” until last year – and it’s been life changing. Flow state is that state of being you achieve when you’re just…flowing. It’s that productivity and focused feeling you get when you’re so zoned into something that you don’t even know how many hours have passed. And yes – specific songs can actually help you achieve flow state.

The Focus Flow playlist is my best Spotify playlist in this category by far. I’ve tried so many “deep focus” playlists and a lot of them can end up feeling more distracting than anything else. When you need when you’re attempting to achieve flow state is music that sets the tone and has a beat that establishes a workflow rhythm. Rock is too intense, pop music is to heart racing – lofi beats are honestly my pick when it comes to flow state music. The Focus Flow playlist is filled to the brim with lofi beats that keep my head down and working for hours – and it never feels painful. I’ve actually had some of my most productive days and time feels like it passes quickly when I’m vibing to this playlist.

The best Spotify playlist for early 2000’s girly nostalgia.

Who needs new music when you can bask in the nostalgia of the early 2000’s. I was a pretty standard pre-teen in those days who loved every girly hit I could get my hands on. Yes, I did want to marry Jesse McCartney.

A friend recently turned me on to the – wait for it LOL – Girly 2000’s Bangers playlist. The name is LOL inducing, but the playlist itself is amazing. If this era of girly music was your jam, you’ll be pleasantly surprised hearing all your old favorites again. Even ones you forgot existed.

The best Spotify playlist for relaxation

Sometimes to get into that relaxed mood I need just the right playlist. Relaxing music means something different to everyone, but my cup of tea for ultimate relaxation is typically solo piano music. The Piano in the Background playlist is my best Spotify playlist when it comes to relaxation because it suddenly makes my house feel like a home. Piano brings this beautiful, peaceful vibe.

The best Spotify playlist for cooking.

My favorite place to switch on a Spotify playlist is actually in the kitchen. I personally feel like the kitchen is the heart of a home and cooking is absolutely one of the ways in which I show love. I listen to the French Cooking Music playlist over and over whenever I want to get in that creative culinary sort of mood.

If a French style isn’t really your aesthetic, you can also opt for an Italian cooking music playlist like this one.

The best Spotify playlist for dogs. Yes, for your dogs.

I have a few recent blog posts about our new puppy. Dog life can be tough! Particularly when you just want the best for your pet, but they insist on being stressed out or triggered by random noises. Lawn mowers, I’m lookin’ at you.

I found this Dog Socialization/Desensitizing playlist and it’s been a genius way to introduce our puppy to all sorts of sounds she may not hear often in our neighborhood but will inevitably run into throughout her life. The playlist has everything from firework sounds to the sounds of crying babies.

The best Spotify playlist for working out.

I mean, personally I turn on that Girly Nostalgia playlist when I’m working out – but I understand that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Honestly workout music is probably some of the most personal kind of music. Different tunes motivate people!

I’ve personally really enjoyed this Workout Motivation playlist a ton. I love upbeat music when I’m trying to stay positive and motivated through, well, the pain. 

The best Spotify playlist for Harry Potter fans.

It’s not news that I’m a massive Harry Potter fan. I love some Harry Potter and Hogwarts vibes when I’m working or doing other tasks where I need to both focus and relax. Harry Potter Calm Ambiance and Studying in the Hogwarts Library are two of my personal favorite Harry Potter themed playlists. These playlists don’t have a Halloween party feel to them – they just feel like low key beats to have on in the background while you’re getting things done.

And sure, they make the setting feel just a little more magical.

The best Spotify playlist for Disney fans.

I’m also a huge Disney fan. I recently discovered that there are SO many lofi Disney playlists on Spotify. Imagine all your favorite Disney songs – but cool. We’re not talking the classic musical sing alongs. We’re talking chill music to kick back to. Honestly I might argue lofi Disney playlists are the best Spotify playlists to vibe to.

What is your favorite and best playlist on Spotify? Drop your top Spotify playlists in the comments down below!

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