Face Masks for Every Occassion

face masks

I am such a face mask junkie. I’m a big believer that it’s not enough to just wash and moisturize your face. Face masks make all the difference.

Tbh I’m actually addicted. I do 2-3 masks a week!

I love to shake up my masking routine. Our skin has different needs every day. Sometimes you’re dehydrated and your skin is left feeling dull. Sometimes it’s right around that time of the month and you’re breaking out like crazy. I’ll usually stand in front of the mirror, evaluate what my skin needs most, and pick the perfect mask!

The best hydrating face masks.

These are my favorite types of masks to do. I’m all about that dewy, glowing, baby skin. We’re talking skin that bounces back, baby. Gotta love it.

My favorite right now is the Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask – mostly because you just slather it on and go to bed which is so easy even I can manage it. I’m also super digging the First Aid Beauty Bouncy Mask. It’s an interesting gel like texture and totally does make your skin feel bouncy and brand new.

The best cleansing face masks.

Cleansing face masks aren’t always the most fun, but holy hell sometimes they’re super needed. Whenever I feel a zit coming on or can see my pores are clogged, I reach for a cleansing mask. Anything with clay or charcoal will do really.

I’m basically an Origins groupie (not sponsored – just obsessed) and this charcoal mask really cleans your pores right out. Also this Glamglow one is insane in the membrane – but it’s raging expensive and “tingles” which really means it feels like someone is stabbing your face with little knives.

But it works.

The best sheet masks.

I used to be so anti sheet mask. Mostly because I think they make you look like a serial killer and I kind of can’t with that.

Also I must have a small face or something because they never freaking fit. Does anyone else have this problem?

Anyway I’ve gotten over my issues here because nothing beats sheet masks when it comes to travel. It’s such a pain in the rear to pack bottles, tubes, and jars when you’re on the go. Sheet masks are the easiest way to pack some skincare away in your suitcase.

Honestly my fave one right now is this cheapie guy from Target! It’s under $5! Face masks don’t have to cost a ton of money to be good.


What are your fave face masks? Tell me in the comments below!

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