Symbolic Jewelry

I wrote a post about my favorite jewelry years ago and, for all intents and purposes, not much has changed. I’ll never be a big believer in super fast fashion. I’ll never be the girl that likes big, colorful costume jewelry.
What I love is jewelry with meaning and sentiment. Most of my early pieces you’ll see in that original blog post were gifted to me by loved ones. As I get older I’ve realized I definitely don’t have to wait for people to gift jewelry to me - I love to pick out my own pieces, but I still insist they have symbolism and meaning. 
Enter, Alex and Ani.
I stumbled across Alex and Ani, weirdly enough, on a trip to Disneyland. I’m a legitimate Disney addict and loved that they had pieces with famous Disney quotes and characters. But when I started to research the brand I found so much more.
Each piece that Alex and Ani makes is symbolic and has meaning. Like, literally. They even include “meaning” cards with each piece, explaining the inspiration and symbolism! 
During a particular rough couple of weeks back in June, I wandered into a shop and found a necklace with a sand dollar symbol on it - representing an openness and willingness to accept the gifts the universe gives you. Honestly I needed that reminder and sometimes need it on the daily. I want to be open to receiving every opportunity life hits me with and love that my necklace is my friendly reminder.
I packed a ton of Alex and Ani for our trip to Hawaii and thought it would be fun to break down all the symbolism behind my fave pieces! Let’s get crackin’. 

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Shark Teeth everything

I found loads of shark teeth pieces to wear while in Hawaii. My favorites are the earrings, ring, and delicate bracelet.
Shark teeth symbolize survival. Sharks are instinctive and calculated, using their energy to be unafraid and never retreat. Alex and Ani says to hold on to your shark teeth and think about facing life head on without fear.

Rising Sun pendant

I die for this long pendant. It seriously goes with everything and adds so much to even a simple outfit. My necklace keeps going in and out of stock - so make sure to sign up for email notifications! This necklace is all about vitality. "Receive the warmth of light into your life." I can dig that. 

Coral Wrap Ring

I love my coral ring. Not only is this ring stunning (& unique!), but I love what it stands for. Coral stands for protection. Ancient cultures believed coral prevented ill fortune and offered protection when worn. 
I'll take it.

Deathly Hallows Ring

Are you ready for my little nerd moment? I’m a big Harry Potter fan. My Deathly Hallows ring is my subtle tribute to a series that meant the world to me as a kid. For those of you that aren’t as HP inclined, the triangle shape of my ring represents the Sorcerer’s Stone, Elder Wand, and Invisibility Cloak, all three of which come together as the Deathly Hallows. The Hallows, in theory, were the keys to ultimate power and immortality. 
Anywhosen-  Alex and Ani actually has a whole Harry Potter line if you’re like me and obsessed.

Got jewelry faves? Tell me in the comments!

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