How I Shave My Face

I posted a quick vid to Instagram Stories the other night of me shaving my face and you babes went OFF. There was a camp of people that were utterly confused, but the other camp was highly intrigued.

So here we are today ladies. We’re going to talk all about shaving our faces. Because honestly it’s a game changer.


Why you should shave your face.

I’m not an aesthetician or a doctor, but I can definitely vouch for the visual benefits of shaving your face.

Your skin looks SMOOTH LIKE A BABY’S BUTT.

And that’s that. But seriously, shaving your face takes off all the little peach fuzz and even some dead skin, leaving behind a smooth, plump surface. I shave my face for this exact reason.

Myths about shaving your face.

When I posted to Instagram Stories, the biggest Q I received was about whether or not your hair grows back thicker after you shave your face.

I have personally found this to be a big myth - my peach fuzz did not grow back into a beard after shaving my face. In fact, it hasn’t grown back any thicker at all. I shave my face approx once a month and it’s peach fuzz all day every day.

Thankfully. I already have two chin whiskers I can’t seem to get rid of and two’s enough.


Tools you’ll need.

The only real tool you’ll need to shave your face is an appropriate razor. I love to use razors like this one.

How to shave your face.

★ Start by washing your face as per usual. Gently pat dry with a towel.
★ The actual shaving is easy! Just gently scrape the razor in a downward motion across your face. Be careful around your hairline and eyebrows. I definitely took off a small chunk of hair the first time (lol).
★ Try to avoid zits the best you can - don’t want to agitate them!
★ Wash face with just water once complete.


Happy shaving, babes!

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