Sephora Beauty Insider Sale – Save $$$ on Beauty!

Sephora typically has two big bang sales a year.

Not even "big bang" really...they usually have only two sales a year. Period. I've noticed they typically do 15-20% off in November and then another 15% sale around April.

But here we are, my friends, in late August and everything at Sephora is 20% off!

Sephora is calling this the "Beauty Insider Appreciation" event and I'm alllll about it. Beauty products pretty much never go on sale - they're always the category that's excluded. So obviously I raced to place an online order and galavanted through the aisles in the store, stocking up up on all time faves and selecting new items to try.

Sephora is MASSIVE and sells a ton of products, so I've narrowed down my top recommendations for ya'll so you don't have to comb through the madness. 

Let's do this.



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Skincare top picks

I want to kick off with my fave category right now: skincare. Believe me I'm all about a good eyeshadow palette, but honestly I've been focusing way more on keeping my skin healthy and makeup second. The skin is like any other body part or organ - we only get one and it's crazy important to take care of it now. 

Foreo Luna Play PlusThis little device is new-ish to my skincare regimen. I actually used to use the regular Luna Play back in the day, but it ran out of batteries. The "plus" version actually has a replaceable battery option! The long story short here is that this nugget is a facial massager and cleansing device in a miniature size. I've been wanting to get into facial massage because my fave blogger ever talks about it all time, so I made a Foreo repurchase!

Essential C CleanserAlthough dark spots and discoloration aren't my numero uno skin concern, it's still a concern. Vitamin C is a great ingredient when it comes to retexturing the skin and evening out skin tone, so I've been opting for this vitamin C infused cleanser. I've been rotating this one in my face cleansing routine and have been loving it. Also the bottle is HUGE and lasts forever!

City Block SPFI've made a huge effort to add SPF into my routine lately. And I'm not talking the SPF in your makeup, I'm talking straight up SPF. The kind you put on both under AND over your makeup! I've been liking this SPF lotion for my face before I put on my skin makeup each morning. It's oil free and has a high SPF which means no breakouts and extra sun protection!

SPF Setting Spray - This spray has been my SPF touchup holy grail. SPF wears off, so that SPF 50 CC cream you put on in the AM really isn't lasting you all day. This setting spray dispenses as a fine mist. I apply before I head outside to grab lunch!

Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye SerumI hate to admit it, but the fine lines under my eyes are officially starting to settle. I was cool with them when they were faint, but they're getting deeper and it's not like they're going to magically go away on their own. I'm headed to get a consultation soon, but in the meantime I thought it was a good idea to kick my eye care up a notch. Dr. Dennis Gross is one of my fave skincare gurus and this product is more serum, less eye cream. It's also my first retinol. Kelsey is all grown up. The box says this focuses on filling in fine lines, so I'll keep ya'll posted on results.

Sleeping MaskMY NEW ADDICTION. I have a tendency to get dry, dull skin and this mask is the solve. You smear a thin layer on before bed and literally sleep in it. BOOM. It's morning and your skin is glowing. It hydrates overnight! Plus it smells like a spa and is only $25. 

Kopari EVERYTHING - My addiction to Kopari runs deep. I highly recommend perusing their entire section on Sephora. The Coconut Melt is a ride or die product for me, but the one I'm most excited to try is the Coconut Deo. I literally purchased it two days ago and am loving it so far. I've been on the hunt for a good aluminum free deodorant that doesn't break my pits out in a rash. Here's to hoping this is the solution! This product is online only so make sure to place your order to save $$$.

Shop skincare picks.

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sephora-sale- skincare
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Makeup top picks

Born to Run PaletteI'm known for my love of natural colored eyeshadow looks, but have loved - I repeat, LOVED - branching out with this palette. Not only do I get my bronze and gold fixes, but I get bright magentas and rich emeralds. This palette is worth every single penny and inspires me to try something new and be bold. 

Too Faced bronzer blushI dedicated an entire email newsletter to this product because it's that good. Ever wondered how girls get that natural flushed glow? It's because they've got the right shades of bronzer and blush. A lot of bronzers cast an orangey brown tint which, quite honestly, is just not how we tan. The sun gives us a natural red undertone, so I've found that bronzer blushes are the BEST way to get a natural looking glow and flush. Buy it. Trust me. You'll never look back. 

Benefit highlightersAnd on the topic of glow: Benefit highlighters. Benefit is most known for their brow products, but did ya know they have some BOMB highlighting products as well? They're actually my fave brand when it comes to highlighting. From golden tints to pink tints, you'll find a product that gives you the SHABANG or subtle look you're going for.

Nars SUPER Orgasm blushKeeping the glow train going, I am in love with the "Super" version of Nars' classic "Orgasm" blush. This version still has the natural beautiful flush of the OG, but amps up the glow another notch. 

Brow gelBig brows are IN I tell ya. I like my brows to look naturally fluffy, so always opt for a tinted brow gel rather than a pencil. We'll give the win this round to the Benefit brow gel.

SPF 50 CC creamLike I said before, SPF all day erryday. I love this CC cream because it has a super high SPF of 50 and gives me a natural looking medium coverage with a natural finish. Don't forget to layer SPF underneath AND on top - the SPF 50 won't last all day.

Tinted lip balmI'm not usually big on lip colors, so always opt for a natural shade while on the go. I love these tinted balms from Fresh. They smell like heaven and have a great range of colors! 

Shop makeup picks.

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sephora-sale- makeup
sephora-sale- makeup
sephora-sale- makeup


I'll keep this section short and sweet - I just want to give a shoutout to the fact that PERFUME is also on sale! My favorite is the original Chloe perfume, but you should snag the discount on whatever it is that floats your boat. Fragrance, like beauty as a whole, rarely goes on sale.

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20% off exclusive for VIB Rouge members 8/24-8/30

Rouge members get to shop before everyone else! The sale opens up to all other VIB members on 8/30-9/3.

VIB = 15% off, Beauty Insiders = 10% off. It pays off to be Rouge, ya'll!


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