Ruggable Review

You’re likely looking for a Ruggable review because you’ve stacked your cart a mile high with Ruggable rugs. And that price tag? It ain’t cheap.

So naturally you’re on the hunt to understand – is Ruggable worth it?

Grab your coffee or your tea – or maybe a glass of wine – because this blog post will be one jam packed Ruggable review with all the ins, outs, pros, and cons of these pricey new on the market washable rugs.

For starters – what is Ruggable?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like Ruggable really swept onto the scene within the last year or so. All of a sudden I’m being targeted by perfectly placed social media ads left and right. I struggled to find a true origin story of the brand on the Ruggable website, so can’t really speak to how long they’ve been around, but the brand is well established with a plethora of products.

The long story short on Ruggable is they created a patented “system” of washable rugs. Each system comes with a rug pad and a washable cover – the decorative part you can peel up and toss right in the washing machine for ease of cleaning.

Ruggable’s “Rug Cover” is listed as low-pile, stain resistant, water resistant, and lightweight.

How much do the rugs cost?

Ruggable rugs vary in pricing based on a few different factors.

Size of the rug

Ruggable offers several different sizes of rug and prices do increase as the rug size goes up. A baseline cost for a small 3×5 rug is $109, with the price of that same rug ballooning all the way up to $549 for the 9×12 size.


Ruggable utilizes a small handful of different materials (or what they classify on their site as “textures”). Chenille is the baseline, standard fabric for most indoor Ruggable rugs. Ruggable also makes “plush” rugs that are high-pile and extra cozy. A 3×5 of a plush style is $149 vs the previously quoted $109 (for classic chenille). If you’re looking for an even higher pile Ruggable makes a “shag” style with the 3×5 coming in at $139.

As for outdoor rugs, Ruggable makes one outdoor specific texture (“flat weave”). A 3×5 will cost you $119.


Most of Ruggable’s products are designed in house – but I can’t deny I sort of obsess over their licensed rugs. But these super unique licensed styles do come at an extra cost.

As of the time this blog post was written, Ruggable has partnerships with both Disney and Star Wars. Sure, you can find a pretty cheap looking licensed rug on Amazon – that’s absolutely not how Ruggable does partnerships. The Disney and Star Wars rugs are designed to look like, well, actual high quality rugs. Like rugs for a living room – or any other adult space – not just for a kid’s play area.

The premium design of Ruggable’s licensed styles definitely come at a premium cost. A 3×5 of a Star Wars rug will run you $124.

What do Ruggable rugs actually feel like in real life?

This is by far the biggest question I got when showing off my new Ruggable rugs on Instagram. Everyone wanted to know if Ruggable rugs are actually like real rugs. The answer?


But also not NO. Ruggable rugs are pretty unique when it comes to hand feel and texture Both of my rugs are chenille and I do think Ruggable’s website did a great job at describing exactly how these bad boys feel. These rugs truly are “low-pile” meaning there isn’t a whole lot of height to them at all. These rugs are not big, plush, and fluffy. In fact, they feel far more like a soft mat than what I typically think of when I hear the word “rug.”


The ordering process from Ruggable


Shopping on the Ruggable website is a pretty easy process in general. I ordered my rugs on 11/25 and was told they would take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to ship. One of my rugs shipped out to me on 11/30 (just five days after my order) while the second shipped out on 12/1. Both rugs were delivered to me at my home no later than 12/7.

Ruggable does offer FREE standard ground shipping and handling within Canada and the U.S., EXCLUDING Hawaii, Alaska, and the U.S. Territories, so I didn’t pay for my shipping as I live in California.

Which honestly is great – because these rugs were pricey as it was so not having to pay for shipping felt like a nice gesture.

Package size

All the rugs I ordered were fairly large in size. One of my rugs was 9×12 (the largest size Ruggable makes) while the other was a 2.5×10 runner. The boxes these rugs arrived in were, to be honest, pretty darn big. The boxes were tall and long – pretty much the shape of a large rolled up rug. The big thing to note is they were definitely heavy, specifically the 9×12. If you’re a smaller human like myself, you may need a partner in crime to help you get your larger sized rugs into your home – particularly if you’re going up a flight of stairs.


Customer service

Ruggable customer service is easily on hand to answer any questions from customers. You can email Ruggable support here. Personally, I think it’s the return policy ya’ll should really make sure you’re aware of before purchasing.

Ruggable washable rugs are returnable within 30 days, but there is a $25 processing fee per item being returned. Exchanges are totally free, but if you end up not loving your Ruggable rug as a whole – your return will cost you $25 out of pocket to deal with.

The pros & cons of Ruggable rugs


Machine washable

By far the biggest pro you’ll find in any Ruggable review is the fact that these rugs are machine washable. I mean – this is what makes Ruggable different, right?

I really do think you can’t underestimate the ease of cleaning a rug when you’re able to rip it off the floor and toss it into the wash. Previously when we had spills and stains, we really had to spot treat them.

Or I distinctly remember from my child hood my mom had a giant carpet cleaning vacuum. It was massive, loud, and we weren’t allowed to walk on the wet carpets for an hour or two after cleaning. It was a whole ordeal.

So in theory, Ruggable eliminates the need for all that traditional carpet cleaning hoopla. And I’d agree they do accomplish this specific point as a differentiator. With our non-Ruggable rugs, when accidents happen, we break out a spot cleaner and pray for the best. With our Ruggable rugs, we’re able to just pull them off the floor and wash the entire piece.

Interchangeability of design

Another thing I do love about our rugs are the fact that the rug cover is interchangeable and you don’t need to buy an additional rug pad. If you’re someone that enjoys the ability to change up the look of a room from time to time, Ruggable could be a great fit! Because you can simply toss down a new rug cover on top of your rug pad, you’re really able to technically have “multiple rugs” for one room…but it’s all still technically one rug. If that makes any sense.

Traditional rugs are just a bit fussy is my point. Once you commit to a rug – you’re committed. With Ruggable, you’re able to swap out designs fairly easily because they’re thinner and more like a mat than a traditional rug – plus you’ll already own the rug pad to prevent slipping.

No slipping & sliding – sort of

For the most part, I’ve found that my Ruggable rugs don’t slip and slide all over the place. The rug pad does a pretty great job, specifically on the larger size rugs, at holding the rug in place.

I do have to say with my Ruggable runner that I do find it slips and slides a lot more than my 9×12 size. In fact, the runner seems to sort of migrate down the hall throughout the day. While I’m not a fan of this, it also isn’t a huge turnoff or a big deal.

If you’re opting for larger sizes, especially if you’re placing furniture on top of it, you won’t notice any issues with your rug moving all over the place.

Pet friendly

Maybe you’re like me and the only reason you fell down the Ruggable rabbit hole in the first place is because you have pets. And wow can pets get messy. Between accidents and shedding galore, I really did love the idea of a rug I wouldn’t be stressed about maintaining with pets.

For the very reason that Ruggable is so washable and durable, I’d say the pet friendly aspects of this rug make it a huge pro for any pet owner. I remember as a kid watching our family dog slowly destroy the carpets in my parent’s home. Accident after accident took its toll – my mom even started strategically placing indoor plants on top of the stains she couldn’t get out!

The reality is that no matter how great you are at training your pets – accidents happen. That’s why they’re called accidents. Having a true pet friendly rug around has made me stress a little less about having the “perfect” home while simultaneously filling said home with furry family members.



Very expensive

I usually refrain from labeling any items in my reviews as “cheap” or “expensive” because these are all very relative terms. But honestly there’s just no denying this one – Ruggable rugs are expensive. With a measly 3×5 rug costing $110+, these aren’t low end, cheap rugs. Ruggable pieces are investment pieces – which assuming they hold up okay and you’re not needing to replace them, maybe that’s okay in the end and it all evens out.

The other aspect to the expensive con is that, based on my research, there really isn’t a Ruggable alternative on the market. Because Ruggable is patented – this isn’t shocking. So the reality is that finding other large washable rugs of similar caliber at a lower price is going to be a nearly impossible task.

Difficulty to change rug pad on larger sizes

I put together our runner myself with no problem, but I’m chuckling as I write this because watching my husband wrestle with our 9×12 was an actual nightmare. The poor man (LOL) really struggled to get the large rug cover onto the rug pad without any wrinkles or bumps. And to be honest, even to this day it still does have some wrinkles in places. It is just very hard to lay such a large size rug cover on top of the pad without a few hiccups.

Thin feeling

I’m actually struggling with the overall thin nature of the chenille rugs as a con, because honestly it isn’t a con it just comes down to preference.

If you’re someone who really loves a big, plush, fluffy rug – the bulk of Ruggable rugs aren’t going to be up your alley. Most of the styles they make are chenille, which is incredibly soft, but incredibly thin. And when I say thin – I mean thin.

As stated previously, Ruggable chenille rugs are honestly much more like mats than they are “rugs” in the traditional sense. You’ll still be able to get that cozy feeling out of a room that any rug tends to add to the space, but you won’t get the soft and cushy feel under your feet you might get from more standard rugs and carpet.

The other con of the thin nature of these rugs is that – and I know this sounds a bit strange – they don’t really “support” your foot. My feet actually get pretty achy by the end of the day, so I really do love the bouncy and supportive feel from rugs. Our 9×12 ruggable rug sits on top of our tile floor and I can really feel the tile floor through the rug. No, my feet aren’t cold – but the hardness of the tile is so easily felt through the thin chenille rug that my achy feet continue to ache.

Unpredictable ship times

My personal experience with shipping times for Ruggable was actually awesome. I purchased my rugs during the Ruggable sale for Black Friday and even despite the sale madness, I had my rugs pretty quickly.

That being said, I’ve read a ton of honest Ruggable reviews and unpredictable ship times do seem to be a consistent theme among customers. I think in order to truly prove this theory myself, I’d have to place more than my one order. For now, consider my experience with quick ship times as a “pro” – but I want to make sure ya’ll are aware that isn’t the case for everyone.

Cost to return

I have a really serious beef with companies who charge their customers to return a product. Maybe it’s just that, in my mind, companies should stand by their products so much that they’re willing to bet on the fact that returns will be minimal. I hate that Ruggable charges a $25 fee to return your rug if you aren’t satisfied.

The flip side to this con is that exchanges are free. If you receive your rug in the mail and it’s just a design you’re not feeling – you’ve got an easy swap ahead of you at no extra cost (assuming you choose the same style of rug).

You might love a Ruggable rug if…

I thought for a moment about writing a whole “is Ruggable worth it?” section – but I feel like there are just so many pros and cons to these rugs it’s a very personal choice. So here’s the jam. You will love owning a Ruggable rug if:

You are a parent or have pets and love the idea of a washable rug
You love to change up the look of your room by swapping out rug covers
You enjoy a low-pile, thinner rug that is still soft to the touch

The biggest thing to know is that a Ruggable rug is NOT right for you if you prefer plush, thicker rugs vs a more mat-like texture. Period. This thin, mat-like weight is honestly the biggest wildcard I find it’s tough for Ruggable to show via their website. Which likely means this ends up being the biggest surprise to those purchasing online.

If you aren’t cool with the thinner weight – you’ll hate your Ruggable rug.

But if that weight doesn’t bother you – you might just end up loving how easy the rug is to maintain. And – if I’m honest – how great these rugs look.

My top Ruggable picks

Our largest Ruggable rug – the one you see in these photos – is the Kamran Hazel Rug. I’m really into the tones of this rug and literally every person that’s walked through our new home has complimented this rug! The design looks really expensive and the colors give me like boho/farmhouse/rustic vibes. I’m very into it.

We do still need one large sized rug for our living room. The space is wide and open, and I’d like to keep it feeling that way. I’m kind of eyeing the Damali Black & White Rug. This rug is light in color which will help keep the room feeling open. I’m also super into the very Southwestern/boho vibes. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum is the Verena Dark Wood Rug, which is dark and moody but so darn pretty.

Do you own any Ruggable rugs? Tell me your thoughts on if Ruggable is worth it in the comments down below!

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