Real Talk: Why Feminine Hygiene Matters

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Let’s talk about EVERYONE’S favorite topic: feminine hygiene.

Lolz. Just kidding. I feel like most women usually avoid this topic like the plague. I’ve been wondering lately...why? We’ll open up about skincare, haircare, and nailcare - why don’t we talk about all the other parts that need a little TLC?

From the period tax to family planning, I love writing a good taboo busting blog post. I’ve partnered with Summer’s Eve® in this post - a brand filled with products I’ve personally had in my shower and handbags for years - to break down why feminine hygiene is crazy important.


All body parts deserve a good cleanse.

We cleanse our skin and swap secrets about the best face washes. We cleanse our bodies and debate over the best hydrating body wash.

But like, the lady bits are different.

Every part of your body deserves (and needs) a good cleanse. That being said, not just any wash works well down there. If you’ve ever tried to use a standard body wash you know EXACTLY what I mean.

Avoid irritation by opting for a gynecologist tested and pH balanced wash. My faves are the Coconut Water Cleansing Wash and the Lavender Chamomile Gentle Foaming Wash. These washes are both hypoallergenic and safe to use every day. They basically target odor-causing bacteria for a simple, but powerful clean.

Clean = confident.

So...why does clean matter? Besides the obvious wellness benefits, clean = confidence.

Ever feel like you could take on the world after a good haircut? Ever felt sexy after a long, luxurious bath? It’s that same kind of feeling.

When you’re clean and smell like a lavender or coconut queen - you feel like a queen.


Feminine hygiene can be discreet - and simple.

The reason I added a Summer’s Eve® wash into my shower literally years ago was because the bottles were simple and discreet. Honestly. I loved that I could have something in my routine that was just for me and my parts - and really no one needed to know.

I added their wipes into every suitcase I packed or emergency kit in my bags once I discovered those, too. The larger packs, like the Coconut Water Cleansing Cloths, are perfect for longer trips when you don’t want to pack a full wash. The smaller packets, like the Lavender Chamomile Cleansing Cloths, are my emergency kit must haves. I slip a tiny packet or two into my kit so I always have them juuuust in case.

Ever had your period surprise you while you’re on the go? Yep. That’s why I have those little wipes in my emergency kit. Lolz it only takes one incident and I swear you’ll be thankful you packed them.



All this to say - I want to encourage myself, my friends, and all women to keep having these conversations. I love sharing my best life hacks with ya’ll and TRUST ME when I say Summer’s Eve® is a BIG one for me. I like feeling clean, I like feeling confident, and I promise I’ll always bring forth the brands that are made for women.

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