Real Talk: What Is Plan B?

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I did a poll on Instagram Stories a few weeks back and had asked what you guys would like to read more about. Women's health issues were a big resounding YES PLEASE!. I'm super proud of past women's health posts I've done (like this one about the period tax) and am so excited to be tackling a new topic today.

Today, I want to bust some myths. Specifically, I want to bust myths around Plan B One-Step.

You may have heard the Plan B name before - but do you know what it really is? There are so many misconceptions about what Plan B does and its purpose. Today, I'm busting every myth and want to get real about what Plan B is, what it does, and why it's an important product to have on the shelves.

So, let's get into it.



What exactly is Plan B One-Step?

Plan B is an emergency contraceptive. They key difference between your standard birth control and an emergency contraceptive? An emergency contraceptive is a form of birth control that helps prevent pregnancy after sex if your regular birth control failed or you had unprotected sex. It is not meant to become or replace your regular choice of contraception, though.

Family planning is both important and personal. Emergency contraceptives are an important option for all women to have access to.

What is the primary active ingredient in Plan B One-Step?

Let's get into the meat of it - what is in Plan B?

The active ingredient in Plan B is levonorgestrel. This hormone is actually the same active ingredient found in many common birth control pills - just at a single, higher dose.

I want to tackle another really big myth right off the bat…

Plan B is not an abortion pill, and it will not affect an existing pregnancy. Plan B works by delaying ovulation, meaning it helps prevent pregnancy BEFORE it begins.


When should you take Plan B One-Step?

The sooner you take Plan B after unprotected sex, the better it works. Plan B must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex or birth control failure.

Make sure to use as directed. You can find everything you need to know right on the box!

Will Plan B One-Step impact my ability to get pregnant in the future?

I'm happy to report this one is a NO! Taking Plan B One-Step will not impact a woman’s future (or long-term) fertility.

Where can I purchase Plan B One-Step?

You can find Plan B One-Step at your local drug stores. Target is my store of choice when it comes to buying, well, everything. Purchasing at Target is a total breeze. I found Plan B One-Step in the Women's Health aisle. I didn't even need to ask an associate where it was! Boom – easy to find, quick, and private.

Family planning options should be available to everyone and cost shouldn't be a factor. You can snag $10 off Plan B One-Step with this coupon.


I am seriously so thankful I've had the opportunity to write this post. Women's health and family planning should not be taboo. A big thank you to my family at Plan B for helping me educate on the importance of emergency contraceptives as a back-up option for women when it comes to family planning.

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