How to Wear Daily SPF – the RIGHT (& Easy) Way

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Most of us probably aren’t wearing daily SPF at all (I did an IG poll and ya’ll told me so!) – and those of us that do…I have bad news for you. You’re probably not wearing enough. The proper amount of daily SPF for your face alone is two tablespoons…

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Why I “Gave Up” Instagram for 3 Weeks

Maybe you caught my rant on Instagram Stories a few days back – or maybe you didn’t. But I ditched Instagram for three weeks and it felt fucking amazing. I’ve been struggling with a hardcore technology addiction for, let’s admit it, quite a while now. My average weekly screen time…

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Is Anine Bing Worth the Price? An Anine Bing Review.

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You’ve probably seen Anine Bing alllll over your favorite style content creator’s Instagram. But like – who’s done a proper Anine Bing review?​​​​​​​ Anine Bing’s graphic tees and sweatshirts have become wildly popular, particularly around the blogger/city living Millennials. There’s something about those giant BING sweatshirts that are just super…

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Yacón Syrup: What it is & Why You Need it

(Probably) like the rest of ya’ll – I binged the absolute shit out of Netflix’s new original series, Down to Earth. Starring none other than everyone’s favorite teenage heart throb, Zac Efron. And it’s also thanks to this lovely little show that I found yacon root syrup. The meme’s are…

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Calorie Density 101

Calorie density was never something taught during any science classes I took growing up. I mean, shit, nutrition classes aren’t really a thing for more kids I feel like. Or most adults for that matter! So yeah. Me and calorie density? We had our first meeting in 2019. I’m a…

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Vera Bradley Harry Potter Collection Review

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On collection launch day, I was scouring the internet for a Vera Bradley Harry Potter review and couldn’t find any from non-sponsored bloggers. So here I am, writing my own for ya’ll in case you too are on the hunt for insider knowledge. I think it really goes back to…

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