4 Reasons I’m Not Going to Fashion Week

Alright, I’ve got a bit of a hot take in this blog post… I’m not going to New York Fashion Week this year because it isn’t even “worth” it. Straight up – writing those words does make me sad. I have so many fond memories of Fashion Week (especially the…

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Everlane Alpaca Crew Review

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I definitely have a full blown addiction to Everlane. You can read some of my past blog posts here or maybe even watch my latest YouTube Everlane haul as proof. I love me some Everlane. Out of all the Everlane pieces I own in my capsule wardrobe – the Everlane…

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Laptop Stand Benefits: Why You NEED One.

Real talk – I spend 8+ hours a day staring at screens. And you probably do, too. And you’re also probably missing out on some serious laptop stand benefits. I truly wish I was exaggerating. I’m not. My iPhone tells me my screen time for that device alone is about…

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5 Beauty Products for Dry Skin

I have incredibly dry skin. I like to think of myself as a total skincare test dummy – I try loads of products and treatments – and I feel insanely confident about my aresenal of skincare products for dry skin. From serums to moisturizers to masks – let’s dig into…

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Life Is Short.

To be honest – I’m not even sure where I plan to go with this post. I just knew I had to sit down and write it. I like to think B&B is a space to escape. This isn’t a news site or political site. I intend to keep it…

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All Things Entrepreneurship & Freelancing with Austen Tosone

In kicking off 2020, I really sat down to think about what I wanted more of on Blondes & bagels and what I wanted less of. One thing became incredibly clear to me… I am not the expert. I’m really not an expert at much of anything.  What I am…

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