OW MY EYES: Eye Health Tips + Tricks You NEED to Know

All of my Instagram #BagelBabes know I've been experiencing some eye issues lately. We're talking bloodshot, nasty, irritated, painful eyeballs.

It's not cute. In fact, it's actually been really shitty.

I usually avoid medical offices and medicine at all costs (don't ask - it's a weird phobia), but I reached a new state of desperation this AM and made an emergency appointment at an optometrist down the street from my work.

The doctor hit me with such a WEALTH of eye health knowledge, tips, tricks, and products that I am seriously chomping at the bit to share.

SO - if you've gone sensitive, tired eyes like mine (and are also prone to stys like I am) LISTEN UP. Even if you don't have these issues - this one is for everyone with eyeballs. 

Lid Hygiene Tips, Tricks, + PRODUCTS YOU NEED

Properly clean those lids, baby.

I'm BIG on properly cleansing the skin. I've even got entire posts dedicated to my double cleanse routine. This optometrist was very clear with me - double cleansing your skin does not mean you're properly cleansing your eyes, especially if you regularly wear eye makeup.

This doc zoomed in on my eyeballs and dropped the news that just about every single gland of mine was clogged. We're talking like, hours away from stys. And here I thought I was cleansing so well.

While my double cleanse for the skin is working out great, the doctor recommended I give my eyes a little more TLC and 1) use eye makeup remover, making sure to get into the waterline and 2) use the We Love Eyes Tea Tree Oil Foaming Cleanser to cleanse my lids specifically.

Unclog your glands with a warm compress.

Cleansing is preventative, but now that I've confirmed my glands (specifically my meibomian glands - little baby boo bears along the rim of the eyelid) are clogged AF what's a bagel babe to do?

The doctor recommended a warm compress. I'm used to popping a damp towel into the microwave every time a sty comes on, but this doctor had a game changing recommendation - a microwaveable reusable compress.

Heat helps to open up and essentially "drain" those sweet little eyelid glands, releasing the gunk trapped inside. The doctor actually says this whole compress situation is very spa like and relaxing. She recommended I do this as many nights a week as I can to just keep things clear.

Get specific with eye drops.

Not only are my glands clogged, but my eyes are apparently very dry - especially  because of my excessive screen time. The light from all our screens causes us to blink less frequently, and even less thoroughly (like not actually holding the lids shut, replenishing moisture).

Before you run off to the drugstore for any old drops - let's get specific. You should absolutely consult with your own doctor before purchasing any drops, but this doctor recommended to me specific preservative free drops that do not cause dependency. Recommended to me were the Refresh Plus (preservative free), Systane Ultra (preservative free), or Blink Tears Lubricating Eye Drops (preservative free).

For emergencies.

I'm obviously fully sold on this new eye routine, but I was insanely concerned about redness on my upcoming big day. All of my bridesmaids recommended having VisIne in my wedding day emergency kit, but this doctor was again very specific on her recommended products - NO VISINE. Visine can apparently cause dependency, the doctor instead recommends Lumify. I immediately picked up a bottle to add to my little emergency kit in case I have any redness the day of.

Got additional eye health tips and tricks to share? Drop 'em in the comments below.

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