Our Wedding Website

I'll keep it real - I've been building websites since I was like 12 years old.

And that's no exaggeration. I was that kid messing around with HTML on my Neopets pages. Does anyone else remember Neopets? That was my jam back in the day.

But I digress.

I've concepted and managed so many websites during my day that I knew I'd be super specific when it came time to create our wedding website. I also knew I'd be the most hands on with it out of the two of us because I love creating websites so darn much.

On my search for the perfect wedding website design, I kept struggling with one issue...

They all looked super cookie cutter. 

Like seriously every wedding website host and template out there looks one in the same. If you've perused my wedding mood board here - you know cookie cutter isn't quite the vibe we're going for. We want classic, timeless, but also a little different and creative.

When I found Bliss & Bone I went absolutely BONKERS. Every single design blew my mind with how elegant and creative - but somewhat edgy - they were. I wanted to do an entire post on the aesthetic and details of our wedding website here for ya'll because, I'll be honest - I'm OBSESSED with how it turned out!

Let's take a tour.


The design.

What I love most about Bliss & Bone are the unique designs. I swear so many wedding website templates out there all look the same. Don't get me wrong - I can respect a good light and airy situation.

But I wanted something bolder. Something different. I love an edgier, darker vibe. And I definitely wanted plenty of options. I definitely did not want that "template" vibe.

You can check out all the available designs here. My personal faves are Denim Wash and In the Shadows.

The customizations.

All of Bliss & Bone's designs are beautiful - like art prints almost - and completely customizable. You can update with your own photos and choose your own pages.

We are so in love with our Save the Date photos, so we took full advantage of the ability to customize a gallery. I'm also super excited to do ALL MY RSVPS using the website (!!!). Seriously. I already started building out our RSVP page and was able to customize so many aspects - and I can keep the page "private" to myself until we send out our invites!

And if you're even more OCD than me, you can always build your own website with this option that lets you start from scratch.

The cost.

You can start your Bliss & Bone site with a 7 day free trial, with a Standard subscription ringing it at only $12 a month after that.

Easy peasy. 

Going paperless.

I'm also so crazy excited to see Bliss & Bone added a paperless option to their portfolio! Like - CRAZY excited. Why, you may ask?

Because your girl is so OCD with vibes and aesthetics and I need to have full control over every wedding related design aspect including invites to things like our engagement party, bridal shower, etc etc etc.

Like come on guys - this is a MOOD I'm creating here.

Basically the Bliss & Bone paperless option allows you to send digital invites only OR you can do a whole event planning situation - email invite, event website, and RSVPs. It's basically an event planning dream.

Paging my Maids of Honors - I'm really gonna need us to do a full bachelorette invite situation using this Bliss & Bone design. Consistency, people. And believe me we've got black, white, and eucalyptus greenery all over the place in this wedding.

Leave it to Bliss & Bone to come out with the ultimate most VIBEY paperless experience ever. Love.


My last shoutout to end this post is to Carl, an owner of Bliss & Bone. I'm obsessed with their designs - but honestly even more obsessed with their team. Carl has an awesome team to help support customers and he was super hands on with me throughout my process.

KB and I are in love with our website and cannot wait for our big day!

A massive thank you to the Bliss & Bone fam for all the website assistance. Our site looks SO GOOD. ❤

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