Must Have Multi-Tasking Beauty Products

I am so excited because I am writing to ya’ll from Hawaii!
We don’t get the opportunity to do a ton of family vacations, so when my dad called me up and asked if KB and I would like to come on a family trip to Hawaii we were sodown. 
I can’t be the only one here - but one of my favorite things about traveling is packing my beauty bag. 
Any other beauty addicts in the building?
But seriously. Packing for travel is like a fun puzzle and adventure all in itself. I challenge myself to find versatile products and only take exactly what I need. 
Let’s be honest - I take a little more than I need. But I’m BIG on packing products that are multi-function. A cream blush that can double as a lip color? Done. A highlighter that can double as an eyeshadow? Sold. A skincare product that can count as a moisturizer, primer, and SPF all in one?
Let’s kick this off and break down my top summer travel beauty multi-taskers, including my holy grail triple threat skincare product.

Cream color products

In summer heat, I typically opt for cream formulas where I can. They stand up to heat and sweat much better than any powders.
Plus - they’re great multi-taskers. Find yourself a flattering cream blush shade and you’ll be able to use it as a lip color, too! 
I’ve been choosing bright pinks and corals. Summer is for fun colors, right?

Highlights and shadows

I lovea good highlight. Recently I’ve been using my highlighters as eyeshadows, too! I never skip bronzer and highlighter, so when I’m mid application I’ll usually pop a little bronzer in my crease and a little highlighter onto the lid for a quick and easy eye look.
Seriously I felt like a total genius when I found highlighters and bronzers that could double up for eye looks. Multi-tasking is everything.

Triple threat skincare

Let’s talk about my holy grail when it comes to multi-taskers..
You’ve seen the Whips on my blog in the past. I’ve been loving this product for months now as a moisturizer and primer all in one, but when I found out a new version with SPF launched right before my Hawaii trip I went bananas. 
Moisturizer. Primer. SPF. All in one product.
As always, I love to break down all the benefits of my fave skincare pieces for you guys. The highlights? The Olay Whips with SPF 25 has both UVA and UVB protection, is made with Active Rush Technology that transforms from cream to liquid on skin for instant absorption and is what we like to call a unicorn product. Unicorns are basically magic.
I definitely packed my jar in my purse to keep it close. The Whips SPF is actually an allowable carry on size (under 3.4 oz). TSA can’t touch me! Lolz. If you’ve ever experienced the devastation of TSA taking one of your beauty products, you’ll understand my excitement.
I have a Target addiction, so typically pick up my Whips (both SPF and original) when I’m on a Target run! 
Alright now if ya’ll don’t mind I’m going to get back to the poolside life now - my SPF Whips in hand.
A huge thank you to my Olay family for sponsoring this post and another thank you to my #BagelBabes for checking out the brands that make Blondes & Bagels possible!

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