NYFW Fall/Winter 17 – Days 2 & 3

I’m wrapping up my NYFW recapping by bringing you guys along for my last couple days in New York.

This was definitely my go to outfit during my stay in NYC. Sure the dresses were fun – but I’m an all black everything (and pants) girl through and through.

I’m also super cool because 1) I found this faux fur vest at a thrift store for $16 and 2) that turtleneck is totally my moms. Lolz.








Outfit shots by Laurel Creative

Sunday February 12, 2017

1:00 pm – Gypsy Sport

Sunday rocked because Mom and I got to sleep in. After a busy Saturday a lazy morning was totally welcome. I’m an old fart in a young person’s body. I love my sleep.

I started my day at Gypsy Sport. Designer Rio Uribe kicked off the show with a really impactful speech about his inspiration for the collection – people without homes. Be it the homeless or refugees, he encouraged everyone to keep their minds and hearts open.

With everything all fired up and political lately it felt so good – so cleansing – to sit in a room with people who were just there to love and to love art.

Inspirational speech aside, his inspiration came across in every model and design. The models weren’t cookie cutter – they were unique. And so were the clothes. Colors, patterns, individualism.

Gypsy Sport was like an edgy badass chick’s dream.

3:00 pm – Leanne Marshall

I hung out around the galleries until my next show, Leanne Marshall. She drew a crowd. The line was bananas and the show was so worth it. Beautiful, flowing gowns.


The closing gown was my personal fave – an all black stunner.

6:00 pm

A girl’s gotta eat. Mom and I popped into an Italian place down the street from our hotel. I wanted to order some linguini and clam sauce, but my mom kept commenting how badly she wanted to try the fish and gnocchi.

So I ordered the gnocchi because I’m such a good daughter.

I had like three bites. Lol. Love you, Mom.

8:00 pm – Namilia

After dinner I hopped into a Lyft to go see Namilia. I thought Leanne Marshall was crowded but OH MY GOD this was my worst nightmare.

But I saw Kelly Cutrone and the clothes were super funky so I can dig it.

I literally laid down on the floor to film all the models as they walked down the runway. It was that insanely packed.

Monday February 13, 2017

10:00 am – Christopher Esber

Because our flight to New York was cancelled due to the storm, we catfishes Virgin into letting us fly out a day later. I had planned to be back in San Francisco by Monday so only had one show on the agenda: Christopher Esber.

There was a black dress and a trench coat I was obsessing over. Literally was ready to mug a model for that coat.

We have family in New Jersey so spent the rest of our trip chowing down on pizza and having some much needed family time.

Check out my NYFW vlog and see the shows for yourself!

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2 responses to “NYFW Fall/Winter 17 – Days 2 & 3”

  1. Milan says:

    You found this vest at a thrift store for $16?!?! That is amazing lol those are seriously the best buys ever. Such satisfaction I get from getting such a steal haha that usually happens to me at Nordstrom Rack with shoes.
    But anyways… I love this look Kelsey! I am so jealous that you went to NYFW. I will make it there one day 😉 So cool to see your pictures and to hear you share your experience!

    xo, Milan

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