Reasons to Love the Louis Vuitton Neverfull

It’s been a solid couple years since I wrote my blog post all about how to choose your first designer handbag and filmed this YouTube vid - both focusing on the Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

And ya’ll love this content.

Seriously, that blog post and video are still my most popular pieces of content I’ve ever created to this day. It’s insanity! Lolz I love that you guys love handbags just as much as I do.

SO I thought I’d do a little shoutout to my most used and favorite designer bag of all time: the Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

I have two sizes of this bag (the MM and GM) and use them weekly. So let’s break down exactly what makes them so insanely awesome and worth the investment.


The Neverfull is functional.

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull (in both the MM and GM sizes) is honestly so functional. It's bananas. These totes are spacious and open, allowing for transportation of just about anything you could possibly need.

Because I work full time in addition to blogging, I need bags that prioritize function. On any average weekday, I'm carting back and forth my laptop, lunch, wallet, phone, keys, noise cancelling headphones, snacks, etc. I'm packing heat. I love that the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is almost never full for me.

The Neverfull is so insanely durable.

I'm not exactly gentle with my handbags - even my designer ones. Don't get me wrong, some bags are basically art, but most bags are meant to be used. I definitely put my handbags through the ringer (which is also why I prefer to buy my designer bags pre-loved).

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull is made not out of leather, but out of coated canvas (PVC). Although this little fact annoyed me at first (why is the cost so high for a non-leather bag?!), I now fully dig this material. Coated canvas is so durable! Coated canvas is stain resistant and scratch resistant, meaning you can put it under your seat in an airplane or on the ground during brunch without worry of any damage.

The Neverfull has a timeless design.

Last but not least, the Neverfull is timeless. You can read about my love of my capsule wardrobe here, but the long story short is that I hate trends. Trendy = wasted money in my opinion. Why spend hundreds, if not thousands, on items that will go out of style in 1-2 years? Such a waste - not only of your money, but of materials that end up in the landfill and harm the planet.

Trends are kind of gross.

Honestly? I think most people thought the Neverfull would be trendy and just a phase, but we're over 10 years deep of this style not only sticking around, but raising in value and popularity. Even pre-loved Neverfulls can run you over $1K because they hold their value.

If you do decide to bite the bullet and purchase a Louis Vuitton Neverfull, do so with the comfort that it won't be going out of style any time soon.


Own a Neverfull? Considering it? Drop some love in the comments below.