My Wedding Mood Board

Ever since getting engaged, I pretty much get the same few questions over and over...

★ When is the wedding?

★ Where is the wedding?

★ What is your color scheme?

I'm here to set the record straight - and answer all these Q's in one easy place so I can just send everyone a direct link - lolz. We're still fairly early on in the process (we seriously got engaged like 2.5 seconds ago it feels like), but we definitely have some things nailed down, aesthetic included.


A quick disclaimer.

I feel like I have to throw this out into the universe for any friends or family that might stumble onto this post - this is just an inspirational mood board. The thing about mood boards is that you can like bits and pieces of photos without wanting every aspect of every photo. This post helps me nail down the overall vibes - not the details.

★ The venue ★

We're this close to nailing down our venue. I won't reveal any details yet, but we're thinking ballroom style. Think big, grand, open room that sort of speaks for itself. I'm honestly OBSESSED with our #1 choice right now - it's got this great mix of being a traditional ballroom while still being a little moody (darker wood, etc). Moody is right up my alley.

★ The vibes ★

Instead of talking about color palette, I prefer to talk about the overall vibe. Why? I don't want to be tied down by a color palette. And honestly I don't even like tons of color - I like clean, crisp, TIMELESS. We're leaning mostly black and white at this point, with black truly being the accent color. I can also totally see us adding in some more deeper fall colors into places (like the bouquets, centerpieces, etc).

I want the overall vibe to just read timeless. We're a classic couple with like, just a little edge (between my affinity for all black everything and his affinity for hype beast style sneaker collections - we're more on the modern side).

You'll see lots of clean lines, greenery, clean draping, etc happening. Classic!

I also want candles EVERYWHERE. Like literally everywhere. Candles are the epitome of romantic to me - they totally set the scene! Our potential venue has beautiful fireplaces throughout - I'd love to fill them with candles (both inside and on the mantle), have a candlelit walk down the aisle, candles on the tables during dinner...CANDLES EVERYWHERE.

★ The invites ★

We have our save the date photoshoot this weekend (!!!) so save the dates and invites are still very much tbd, BUT I'm planning on using Minted for everything! Minted makes handling invites easy peasy and I know I can get the exact look I want (modern, edgy, classic - all words you'll read five thousand times in this post).

I'll also be setting up our wedding website shortly after I get our photos back from our shoot.  I'm planning to handle all my paperless needs with Bliss & Bone (our website, any invites to less formal wedding events like bachelor/bachelorette, bridal shower, etc).

★ The ceremony ★

KB is Jewish and I'm not, so we'll be having an interfaith ceremony - but really be leaning into the Jewish traditions. That includes getting married under a Chuppah! We are both LOVING the picture I found here for the mood board. The greenery is bananas and the draping is so elegant.

★ The only thing I actually care about ★

If I had to narrow down to the one thing I want more than anything in the world for our wedding - it's that I want it to be about us and who we are as individuals and as a unit. We're fun, we're fun loving, WE LOVE FOOD. We love to joke and to laugh. I want our big day to feel warm and inviting. I want our day to feel like the perfect blend of two cultures coming together to celebrate the universal language: LOVE.

*cue the romantic music*

Lolz I swear I was never this sappy before meeting KB. BUT I DIGRESS. I just want it to feel like OUR day. And honestly I'm promising to myself I won't get hung up in the stupid details that don't matter, because on my wedding day, I'll only have eyes for my new husband.



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