My “Healthy” Pantry & Fridge Staples

Ever since writing my blog post about my near 10 pound weight loss doing NOOM, I've had lots of questions over on Instagram to share some of my "healthy" recipes with you guys. But here's the deal...

  1. "Healthy" means something different to everyone. "Healthy" could mean low calorie, low carb, low fat, plant based, high protein - you get the point. "Healthy" could mean a ton of different things. What I consider "healthy," you may not consider "healthy." I'm also NOT a nutritionist - I'm just me. So yes I'll be sharing some of my fave staples with you, but please note that "healthy" is a really subjective word and you should always consult with your doctor if you have any questions as to whether or not something is right for you.
  2. I've hesitated to share full recipes with ya'll because I cheat. I work a full time job and time is of the essence. I use jarred sauces where I can and any pre-prepped items that make sense.

SO - that's why I'm choosing to start this potential "recipe"/food series by just sharing a peek into our cabinets. Let me break down for ya'll the items we try to always keep on hand!


I am such a berry fiend it's not even funny. Berries are my favorite type of fruit. I always keep strawberries and raspberries around, sometimes blackberries if I want a little extra zing. Berries are high in fiber and have high water content, meaning they'll help keep you feeling full.



I am obsessed with tangerines. My favorite ones are the "Cuties" brand. Tangerines make for a fun snack because they're packed full of flavor.


Pineapple might just be my fave fruit. It's SO TASTY. It's kind of hard to find good, ripe pineapples, but when I do I go insane for them. LOVE a good pineapple.


I used to hate spinach growing up, but now it's one of my favorite veggies. I keep my prep simple and just sauté with a little salt and pepper. High fiber + high water content = incredibly filling. I'm sure spinach is also packed with vitamins but I'm not a nutritionist, I just dig spinach as a side dish for lunches and dinners. Even in omlettes!

Spaghetti squash

Another high ranking veggie for me is the spaghetti squash. I usually prep this at least once a week, either for lunch or dinner. I bake it and serve with a little Rao's (we'll talk about Rao's a little later). YUM.


Banza chickpea pasta

I basically grew up eating pasta. My mom served up pasta probably a few times a week growing up (now my parents are on the health train so pasta is far and few between). Pasta was a childhood staple for me and I love it. BUT - standard pasta has almost no nutritional value. Banza is made with chickpeas so it's higher in fiber and protein than your average white pasta. Is it as healthy as eating zoodles or spaghetti squash? No. Is it a solid pasta alternative? Absolutely.

I usually snag my Banza from Thrive Market.

Seeds of Change quinoa

My mom introduced me to this stuff! You can find it at Thrive Market. Basically Seeds of Change makes an easy 90 second microwavable bag of quinoa and brown rice. This is my dirty little secret to getting a side dish of whole grains.



I am so addicted to popcorn it's absurd. A bag of popcorn is 100% a totally acceptable dinner to me. Unfortunately all the popcorns I love are high in fat (Pop Secret, Blast-O-Butter, lookin' at you). I've been trying to switch over to pre-popped popcorn that's a bit healthier instead for a guilt free snack.




I've never been a soda person, but if you are, Spindrift is the perfect "healthy" alternative. I prefer Spindrift over La Croix, even though Spindrift does have calories. I think it's because I don't really understand what the "natural flavorings" in La Croix are. Spindrift uses real fruit (hence the "extra" calories).



I always keep a couple jars of Rao's around because it's the only jarred sauce I trust to actually be good for us. Rao's marinara sauces only have the good stuff - no added sugars. I seriously had no idea just how much sugar companies packed into jarred sauces. Like WTF. Rao's is delicious and actually good for you. Rao's is another one of my Thrive Market items!


Whole wheat tortillas

I'm not sure if you're supposed to keep tortillas in the fridge, but weirdly I do. I like to buy whole wheat tortillas to make wraps and mini burritos (I can swap rice for quinoa and include some unsalted black beans).

Latte fixings

I dedicated a whole blog post to how I make my AM latte. I use sugar free creamer and fat free half and half.


Cauliflower pizza

Pizza is my jam. But LORD is pizza not healthy lol. Cauliflower pizza is about 600 calories for the whole pie. Split it with your partner and it's a totally guilt free way to do pizza. Obviously it's no New York slice, but it'll do.

Halo Top

I'm not sure this ice cream alternative is "healthy," but it is low calorie. I have much more of a savory tooth than a sweet one, but on the off chance I want a little ice cream I like to keep Halo Top around.

Tell me your "healthy" grocery items in the comments section!

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