My Handbag Collection

Handbags are my jam. I keep my overall style pretty simple and minimal. Handbags give me that moment to add a little polish or flair to a look.

I’ve also theorized that one of the reasons I love handbags so much is because I’m a naturally anxious person and my bag is like my security blanket. Inside my bag I keep all the things that make me feel more secure (maybe some Tums in case my stomach starts to ache while I’m out or a powder compact to hide a zit that chose to appear mid event). My bags make me feel equipped. My bags make me feel safe.

I’ve done blog posts on some of my favorite handbags in the past and even have an older YouTube video I did showing my full collection, but honestly a lot has changed since filming that video. I’m really big on purging items I don’t wear and I also have a pretty strict “one in, one out” rule. I’ve gotten rid of some bags and also added some new ones to my collection. I thought it’d be fun to give you guys a peek at what my current handbag collection looks like now and why I love the bags I have!


My Louis Vuitton pieces

I thought it would make sense to start with the most expensive items in my collection first. And I always try to keep it honest - I’m a Louis kind of a gal.

I really don’t know what it is about the Louis Vuitton coated canvas pieces, but I love them. I love how versatile they are. I love how durable they are. I just love LV pieces.

My first ever Louis Vuitton bag was this one. I had saved up my money and went to the store all by myself. I thought WOW this is SUCH a big moment for me…and the sales associates promptly treated me like garbage and the clasp on the bag broke within 30 days. I ultimately ended up exchanging the bag for this Louis Vuitton Neverfull. A year or so later, my parents gifted me a pre-loved Neverfull in the same size (but in the higher color), so I purged the Neverfull I had purchased and bought a new, pre-loved larger Neverfull from Fashionphile.

So - the long story short is that I now own two Neverfulls (one in the MM size and one in the GM size), along with a LV crossbody (I believe it’s called the “Favorite” in the MM size, kindly gifted to me by my fiancé on our engagement trip). I honestly feel like I have the most perfect, functional little LV collection as it stands today. I use my Neverfull MM for work, the GM for travel, and the crossbody for errands!



If my entire collection were to disappear today, the first bag I would replace would be a Longchamp. Hands down, there is no more functional and versatile bag than the Longchamp Le Pliage. Period. 

I started my Longchamp collection with the classic black Le Pliage, but quickly picked up more colors and sizes. I think I own a total of five or six now, from small to large, from shoulder strap to top handle. Whatever the size or the color, the thing all Longchamp Le Pliages have in common is that they are insanely functional. The fabric itself is stain resistant and impossible to scratch. The Le Pliage is also waterproof, which is why it’s my favorite bag for long work days or travel.

My Cuyana bags

I dedicated an entire YouTube video to my Cuyana collection, so definitely make sure to watch that because it’s packed with good info. In total, I own five bags by Cuyana. I have two of the classic structured tote (read my blog post about this bag here), a crossbody, a backpack, and their new semi-circle bag. Honestly the totes get the most use (especially with the organizer). I also love that their crossbody is a total dupe for the Gucci Soho Disco bag…better, in fact, because it’s a fraction of the cost and constructed with the same materials without the obnoxious logo.


Celine Nano

Whenever I thought about my dream handbag, it was always the Celine Nano. Not a Chanel or any other major brand - it was always the Celine Nano. The bag rocks. The Celine Nano is the ultimate crossbody bag. It’s small enough to be an every day/going out bag, but big enough to actually fit things. The Celine Nano is also versatile in the way it looks - it sits somewhere between casual and dressy, meaning you can flex it to wear with just about any outfit (from sweats to an evening out).


Balenciaga First

I bought my Balenciaga First bag secondhand on Poshmark. I don’t use this bag as often as some of my more functional bags, but it’s just a fun one for me to have in my collection. I was a major fan of the Balenciaga City, especially after seeing it on the arms of some of my style idols (like Nicole Richie). I still really want to add a City Bag to my collection some day (I think it’s slightly more functional than the First), but love having this little 2007 throwback bag to call my own.


I first heard of this brand after watching a random YouTube video. When we went to Paris (on our engagement trip!) I was dying to visit their store and KB was such a good sport helping me find it (it was weirdly tucked away and tough to find). I picked up this little crossbody and now it’s an awesome memory from our trip.

I love the size of this bag and the materials, but I’ll admit the chain strap looks nicer than it feels. The chain is heavy and cuts into my shoulder, so sometimes I don’t reach for it like I do my other crossbody bags.


What handbags are in your collection? Tell me in the comments below!

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