My Fitness Faves

2018 has been a year of fitness adventures for me. I kicked off the year testing out the BBG program (a workout app filled with circuit exercises). From there, I've dabbled in pilates. I've also been trying to get back into walking and running! 

Basically I'm trying it all and loving mixing it up.

So with that - I've developed some fitness faves. From the best leggings for every activities to testing out a fitness belt, I'm all about the best of the best for whatever activity floats your boat.


Best bottoms.

I want to talk through bottoms first because I feel super passionate that your choice of bottoms can make or break your workout. I've spent one too many uncomfortable pilates classes because I made a poor choice of cheap leggings. 

That being said - I'm going to break this one down by activity.

For studio

Studio classes often involve lots of...positions. Downward dog. Lunges. Basically if your booty isn't covered appropriately, the whole class gets a show. Trust me - I've accidentally given a show or two. You can flip through my favorite leggings for studio classes in the widget below. I often opt for brands that were built for studio like Zella, Alo, and Lululemon.

For running

Unlike the thicker, fuller coverage fabric needed for studio classes, running is all about breathability. I've been downright obsessed with Nike's running crops lately - they're my ultimate fave.

For training

These bottoms are best for just hitting the gym. Comfy, cool, and compressed - these are my top picks.

Best footwear.

I'm veeeery picky when it comes to athletic shoes. I need tons of support, breathability, and support. Nike and Adidas make some of my favorite pairs.


Best tops.

I'm big on not overcomplicating the tops situation. Tops in fitness don't mean much to me. You'll catch me in an old tee vs a matching set any day. That being said - I like to invest in simple, reasonably priced tees made with tech fabric and good sports bras. 

Best accessories.

These are the BEST of the best in workout accessories. TRUST ME. I've done my fair share of vetting. From the most secure hair ties to reflective headbands, I'm obsessed with each and every item. 

The one key accessory you won't see in the little widget below is this amazing fitness belt that I have on the way to me in the mail. I'm dying to try it out. I tried using an armband when I went on a run and hated it. I have the iPhone 7+ and it just felt so damn awkward to have that monstrosity strapped to my little arms. Not down. I'll keep you guys posted how I like the belt - but I'm feeling real excited to try it out. 


Hit me with some of your fitness faves in the comments below!

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