My Favorite Face Masks

I could honestly kick off this post with an hour long rant about why face masks are game changers when it comes to a skincare routine...but I won't.

Because most of ya'll are probably all up in the face mask game just like I am.

That being said, there are seriously hundreds (maybe thousands?) of face masks on the market. Sometimes it's tough to weed through what products are worth your cash and which ones are a total waste of your time.

I have spent many a night with a face mask slathered all over my mug and a glass of wine in one hand, strategically testing to find my fave masks.

My list is small, but mighty.


I definitely want to start by saying this post is not sponsored. I've worked with Olay in the past and both Olay and Elemis were kind enough to send me these masks to test, but I was 100% not paid or even asked at all to post about these products.

...although honestly guys hit me up.

But back to business.

Elemis Superfood Berry Boost Mask

I'm a total fangirl of Elemis as it is - especially their Superfood line. Elemis sent over a PR package I wasn't expecting that had several new items they've added to the Superfood collection.

First up was this Superfood Berry Boost Mask that I was super quick to try out. I have a thing for berry face masks (one of my all time fave masks is a fresh blueberry mask from Lush, but the cost and expiration date convinced me to leave it off this list).

The Elemis Berry Boost Mask is the one to grab if you need a gentle pore cleanse. You'll feel a slight tingle as the mask penetrates your pores, but it's gentle about it and great if you have sensitive skin. Plus, it smells like delicious delicious berries.

Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask

The Superfood Vital Veggie Mask is perfect if you need hydration and a skin pick-me-up. Think of this mask as your morning green smoothie, but like, for your face.

I love to leave this mask on a little longer than the recommended 10-15 minutes to let it alllll soak into my skin. I'm naturally on the dry side so always appreciate a little extra boost of hydration where I can get it. This mask does have a fresh scent - almost like veggies except tastier...does that make sense? I don't know. All I can say is I'm very into it. Lolz.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Another hydration favorite of mine is the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. Sorry not sorry for all the hydrating masks - I'm one dry woman over here. HAAAA.

This mask is unique because it's a sleeping mask, meaning you can literally take this baby to bed. I like to apply a light layer all over my face and hit the hay. I do let it dry down just a little bit before getting into bed. I tend to sleep on my side or back, so getting a mask on my pillow isn't usually a big issue.

Honestly even if there was a mess involved - it would be totally worth it. This mask works. My skin is noticeably plumper and brighter in the AM!

Olay Stick Masks

Okay everyone get on my level and pick up these masks immediately. IMMEDIATELY. The Olay team randomly sent me one of these masks a month or so back and I lost my mind over it. First of all, using a stick style applicator is pure genius. Like, evil scientist level kind of genius. It takes away all the mess.

But genius application aside - these masks are actually effective. And they're drugstore price! If you 1) hate the mess of masks, but want the benefits or 2) want to give a good mask a try, but don't want to spend a ton - these masks are perfect for you. There are three in total so you can take your pick from clarifying, cleansing, hydrating, etc.

Origins Charcoal Mask

I use the Origins Charcoal Mask when I need a skin exorcism. Zits? Clogged pores? Blackheads? This is my cure all.

This mask isn't harsh, but it's also not particularly gentle. If you need a gentle cleanse, I'd go the Elemis route, but if you need some major witchcraft, the Origins Charcoal Mask is your best bet.


What are your favorite masks? Shout them out in the comments below!

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