My Fave True Crime Podcasts

I am definitely a true crime podcast junkie. Like big time. I freaking love true crime.

I swear, I'm a total rule follower. I really am.

But there's something so fascinating to me about people that commit really insane crimes. What drove them to do it? What was the motive? How'd they get away with it for so long?

Anywhoosen, ya'll are always asking me on Instagram Stories what podcasts I'm listening to - you guys are into true crime, too, and I love it! I've actually done a full blog post about my favorite true crime podcasts waaaay back in the day, but I think at this point it's pretty outdated. Some of those podcasts don't even exist anymore!

So here's the NEW, full, updated list for ya.

A quick note - I'm very specific on the types of true crime podcasts I listen to. Yes, crime/murder/death is super fascinating - but so many of these stories are also incredibly tragic. I want all the facts, and honestly really very little "humor." My list below is curated with really informative and respectful podcasts and hosts.

Broken Harts

Broken Harts tells the story of the Hart family, whose car was found crashed in California in the spring of 2018. The crash was suspicious from the start - come to find out there are so many creepy details still yet to be uncovered. This story is truly tragic, especially because it involves young, innocent children. I have so much respect for how the Glamour team handled this podcast. The team is incredibly informative and sensitive at the same time.


Casefile is an expansive podcast, focusing not just on one single story, but a new crime every single episode. I LOVE that about this podcast. If I'm ever in the mood for variety, Casefile is the way to go. I will say the general undertone of this one is a little on the creepy side - the host has a deep voice and they always put suspenseful music on in the background lol.

Crime Junkie

Crime Junkie gracefully walks the line between factual and cheeky. You'll definitely get allll the facts of each case in this podcast, but the hosts are also unafraid to give their own opinions ("uhhh that's messed up"). I like the more casual tone and banter they have - and the variety! This is another podcast that does a new case every episode.

Dirty John

Dirty John has made a real splash, even outside the true crime genre. There's even a movie? Tv show? Idk - there's something about it now. I clearly haven't watched. But it all started with the podcast! This story is about a California woman who falls in love with

Dr. Death

Dr. Death is another true crime podcast that has had legs beyond the genre. People have heard of this story! Dr. Death tells the real life tale of a Texas doctor that commits some serious malpractice. Not only does the podcast take you through his horrific crimes, but also questions how the medical industry as a whole let him continue for so long.


Okay, Gladiator is barely a true crime podcast to be honest. This one is more investigative than "true crime." Gladiator is all about Aaron Hernandez - a former Patriots tight end who ended up dead after a stint in prison. Aaron's story is incredibly sad. Not only did he have a tough childhood, but life seemed to only get harder from there. I'm not a football fan, but found his life story really fascinating.


Monster is now on its second season (I think?). The latest season is all about the Zodiac killer - a famous Bay Area serial killer whose identity is still unknown to this day. This podcast creeps me the F out and I love it.

Serial Killers

Serial Killers is all about its namesake - serial killers. Covering a new killer each week (sometimes spread out over two weeks), you'll rack up your crime knowledge quick with this podcast.

Slow Burn

Slow Burn is another investigative style podcast. I LOVE this one. The first season is all about Watergate. WTF you might be thinking. Why now? Because what if we're living through a second Watergate now and we don't even know it...creepy, right?! The host really challenges you to think about how crime and history can repeat itself. Season 2 is all about Bill Clinton and his scandal. I've really enjoyed the dive into history and the crimes of some of America's most powerful men.

Generation Why

Generation Why is an old favorite of mine. I never get tired of listening to the two hosts banter back and forth. These two cover a new case every week and are so factual and respectful of the scary and tragic cases they cover.


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