My End of Summer Skincare Obsessions

I'm still hanging out in Hawaii and ready to race off to the pool - so I'll keep this intro short and sweet! 

When packing for a trip, you're faced with narrowing down your skincare choices to your true faves. Only so many bottles can fit in a suitcase, am I right?

As I was packing up, I was inspired to share my latest skincare faves - let's call them my end of summer skincare faves. These products have been my go-to when it comes to beating any dry summer heat. 

Let's get cracking.

Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads

My obsession with peel pads runs DEEP. Peels in general are amazing for your skin - they essentially exfoliate those dead skin cells sitting on the top layer of your skin. By sluffing (is that a word?) off that top layer of dull skin, you're revealing fresh, glowing skin underneath.

These are by far the best peel pads I've ever used because they contain both AHA and BHA - two power packed acids commonly used in chemical peels. My recommendation is to start with the regular strength peel pads 2-3 times a week and work your way up to the extra strength version.

Fresh Rose Toner

Toners have been in and out of my skincare routine, largely because most toners leave my skin with that squeaky, dry texture. Not cute.

This Fresh toner is all about hydration - truly a toner I can get behind. The formula is gentle, perfect for sensitive skin. I like to use this toner after I wash my face to give my skin that extra punch of hydration.

Olay Regenerist Whip (with SPF)

I wrote a ton about this product in this blog post, but couldn't not include it in this list, too! The Olay Whips have long been a favorite of mine as a before makeup moisturizer/primer. Once they added SPF into my old fave product, it was a done deal. 

I use this moisturizer almost daily, typically before applying any makeup since it also serves as a primer.

Laneige Sleeping Mask

the Laneige Sleeping Mask is new to my routine and I'm 100% obsessedCan you tell I have dry skin? Because I'm into all things hydration.

This mask is a gel like consistency and you apply before bed, let it sit overnight, and wash off in the AM. The result? Glowing, hydrated,  baby soft skin. And it's only $25. Most masks that have actual results are expensive, so I'm loving that I've found this relatively affordable gem that works.

Smith's Rosebud Salve

I've been loving a lot of lip balm type products lately (like the Kopari Lip Glossy), but I've been coming back to my old Rosebud Salve a lot lately. Nostalgia is a thing and this balm is super nostalgic for me. We're talking it's been in my handbag since 2011. Truly ride or die.

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