Morning Pages: The Morning Habit You NEED In Your Life

I am definitely a morning person. I’m all about that go to bed early kind of life, which has its positives and negatives. I’m not much fun in the evenings - but I’m ridiculously productive in the mornings. 
Up early to squeeze in a work out? Down. Up early to take my time doing my makeup? Obvi. 
So when I read about the Morning Pages on The Skinny Confidential, I knew I had to add this task into my current morning routine.

What are Morning Pages?

“Morning Pages” is a writing exercise to do each morning. The idea is to give yourself time in the AM to write three full pages of stream of conscious writing. Why? To encourage creativity, focus, and stress relief.
All things I can totally get behind.

How to do Morning Pages

The fun fact about Morning Pages is that there’s really no right or wrong way to do them - you just need to actually do them. Morning Pages is all about consistency. No excuses. Three pages, every day, period.
I’ve been using this notebook for my Morning Pages because I like the small to medium size and the spiral binding so that it lays flat. It just happens to be Lauryn’s fave notebook too, but I swear I’ve had this sucker for years. Great minds just think alike.
I’m also weirdly particular about my pens. These pens are my favorite and I order them special, hoarding them in all my purses and around the apartment. I love how smooth they feel.
I typically squeeze in my Morning Pages once I’ve sat down at my desk at work. I really try to make time each morning to do this because I swear it helps me not totally lose it each day.
You can write about whatever you want in your Morning Pages. I love to do a quick recap of what I’ve got going on for the day, my biggest stressors, tasks I’d like to accomplish, and also my daily gratitude list. I’ve found that reminding myself of things I’m thankful for each day has helped keep me really positive and present.
You do you, boo boo! Morning Pages are so personal and that’s what makes them so amazing.
My challenge to you is to give this exercise a try. Writing three full pages each day can be tough. It can feel weird, vulnerable, frustrating - but also empowering and inspirational.
Give Morning Pages a shot and definitely let me know on Instagram or in the comments below if you do! 

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