Moody Halloween Home Decor

Fall is honestly an entire MOOD. Yes, this is incredibly basic of me - but Fall is easily my fave time of year. The holidays in general, really. But especially Halloween.

I fucking love Halloween.

I love the moody Halloween color palettes. I love the autumn evenings and lit candles. I love the throw blankets and hot drinks. I love the sense of magic - it's like an entire month/holiday dedicated to the spirit that anything can happen.

I dig it.

California doesn't really get seasons, so unfortunately it never truly feels like Fall around here. I like to take it upon myself to create my own seasons within our lil' San Francisco apartment through easy, inexpensive decor. Let's dig into my witches brew of the perfect Halloween home decor.

And I don't mean your cheesy, kitschy Halloween decor. I mean that moody chic shit you'll want to keep up all year long.

★ pumpkins ★

Pumpkins are an obvious choice when decorating for Halloween, but I'm super picky with the pumpkins I go for because so many of them look very kiddy and cheap. I like to stick to traditional color palettes (orange, black, white) and only go the jack-o-lantern route when it's simple in design.

I found these cute little miniature pumpkins with stars painted on them and have them strewn across the house as accents. I also added this small white jack-o-lantern to our outdoor patio for an extra moody touch.

★ candles ★

Candles create a romantic, sexy mood that I can't get enough of. WITCH VIBES. I actually think there are some amazing, realistic looking flameless pillar candles out there like this set. I'm also dying to get my hands on matte black candlestick holders like these - they are so moody sexy chic I can't handle it.

★ faux plants ★

I'm obsessed with dark faux plants like this one. Foliage adds texture and interest - but also sometimes work. I'm not into anything that requires me to water it regularly (I barely get enough water myself). San Francisco weather can also be extremely temperamental, so faux is the way to go.

★ throw blankets ★

Throw blankets are life. I love a good cozy blanket, especially for Fall. Try to stick to knits and faux furs to create that spooky cozy atmosphere.

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