How to Make Money on Social Fabric

Okay I’m not going to lie it’s super hard to focus on writing this post right now because I made the mistake of turning on the Harry Potter marathon happening on tv right now.

Focus, Kelsey, focus. Because this post is important and packed with information!

If you’re not in the know about Social Fabric, let’s break it down. SoFab is a collaboration platform where brands post campaign opportunities and influencers apply to the programs. Influencers are then paid for their promotions – some campaigns include blog posts, some are strictly posts to Facebook or Instagram. Campaigns vary! Point being – Social Fabric is a way for influencers to make money.

I’ve heard so much talk in the blogging world about Social Fabric. Quite honestly? Usually it’s in the form of a blogging Facebook group post complaining about not getting accepted for any campaigns.

I’ve always sat in silence behind the screen slightly confused because – I’ll keep it real – Social Fabric is actually my main source of blogging income. I’m definitely not in the full time blogging ballpark, but I do okay. And almost all of that dough comes from good ol’ SoFab.

SoFab has opened up doors for me to work with brands like Pantene, Pepsi LIFEWTR, Jergens, Neutrogena, Special K, Goody, Bioré, and more. I’ve been blown away by the fact that one site has given me so many opportunities.

Social Fabric is crazy competitive, but I’ve seen a ton of success! So if you’re a blogger and you’re dying to increase your earnings on SoFab, listen up. Because I’m about to break down my secret sauce for how to pitch – and be accepted to – Social Fabric campaigns.

Learn how to pitch on Social Fabric and MAKE MONEY blogging!

Learn how to pitch on Social Fabric and MAKE MONEY blogging!

Choose your campaigns wisely.

At any given time Social Fabric typically has tens of campaigns open for application. But if you’ve spent any time on SoFab you’ll definitely have seen that the types of products vary greatly. An open campaign about canned tomatoes will be featured riiiight next to a skincare product.

There are lots of campaigns to apply to – but you shouldn’t apply to all of them.

There are a couple key reasons why you should be picky when applying to campaigns on SoFab. One, your followers will know if you sell out. And two, so will brands. 

When I went to Create + Cultivate last year I remember thinking, “God I am so sick of hearing speakers preach about being yourself.” But it’s so true. Real talk – if you’re anything other than 100% you, your followers will see right through it. For example, my followers know I don’t really drink. So if all of a sudden I’m doing a post for Corona they’ll know I sold out. And that’s gross. Trust takes years to build and only seconds to break. No amount of money is worth burning your followers.

All that aside, brands can also tell when it’s not the right fit. If you’re constantly applying to food campaigns on Social Fabric, but you’re a beauty blogger – brands will notice. And they aren’t going to accept you into the program.

Although it’s tempting, try not to go crazy with applying for campaigns. Apply for only the open programs that makes sense for you and your brand.

Learn to “sell yourself.”

The start of every campaign application on Social Fabric is the same: a little comment box for you to “sell yourself.”

SoFab is a pitching game. Applying to campaigns requires thought and strategy and that little “sell yourself” box is your time to shine.

I think where a lot of bloggers go wrong is they’re too vague. This is your moment. This is your moment to explain why you’re a fan of the brand, why you’re a fan of the product, and how the product has (or could) impact your life.

My tip here is to personalize your answer to this initial question. Campaign leaders read hundreds of applications – how will they remember yours? I always like to tie in a personal story.

For example when I applied to this Neutrogena campaign, I answered the initial “sell yourself” question by talking about my horrible skin story. I shared how I had horrible skin as a teenager, went through several rounds of antibiotics and Accutane – and how Neutrogena has been a skin staple for me for years.

I love to apply to campaigns for brands I already know, use, and love. And I love to tie my personal stories in with my application. And brands love it too.

Learn how to pitch on Social Fabric and MAKE MONEY blogging!

Learn how to pitch on Social Fabric and MAKE MONEY blogging!

How to pitch your idea – the right way.

After you kick off your application by selling yourself, the application typically asks for your post idea for the campaign.

This is where so many bloggers go so awry so quickly.

Nine times out of ten when a blogger is complaining about being rejected from SoFab campaigns it’s because they’re not specific enough in their pitches. When I started applying on Social Fabric early last year I was so vague. I would give a wishy washy fluffy kind of paragraph about how much I’d love to introduce my readers to X product and how it’s such an awesome product and omg I can’t wait.


As soon as I stepped it up and started getting crazy specific in my pitches I started making money. And when I say crazy specific, I mean crazy specific.

When pitching your post idea on a SoFab application include specific details such as example post titles, an outline of what the post will include, and if it’s a tutorial potentially even some of the actual steps you plan to write about. This is not the time to be vague. 

Include relevant links.

You’ve survived the selling of yourself, you’ve survived the actual pitch – now they’re asking for post references. SoFab typically requires you send them a link to a “similar” post for them to review. It might be tempting to toss up your most recent post, but stop for a moment before you do.

Is your most recent post relevant? Is it in the same genre as the campaign you’re applying to? Is it about a product? If your answers to these questions are “no,” you probably shouldn’t use that post as a reference.

SoFab likes typically asks that you link them to a post you’ve written within the last three months, but I’ll admit right now that there have been plenty of times I’ve sent them a link that was older than three months because it was super relevant to the campaign. I also like to link to sponsored content because it shows I have done paid campaigns before and gives them a good idea of what to expect in terms of my writing, photography, and overall product promotion.

Think of this step like tailoring your resumé for a job application. Include your best and most relevant experiences!

Learn how to pitch on Social Fabric and MAKE MONEY blogging!

Shop the Look

Learn how to pitch on Social Fabric and MAKE MONEY blogging!

Once you’ve got the job

After you’ve kicked some ass on the application – and gotten accepted – take a moment to celebrate! That’s huge! Being able to make money doing something you love rocks!

But obviously you know the work actually starts now. Not only is it important that you create amazing content, but it’s also important that you make great relationships with your campaign leaders. These CL’s are liaisons between you and the brands. You never know who you’re going to meet in this world and you never know when you’ll need that relationship later!

Write an awesome post and get to know your CL. Drop them a message to say “hi,” don’t be afraid to message them with questions, and absolutely kill the campaign.

You did it!

 I’m all about community over competition. So if you have any questions about Social Fabric, blogging, or anything really – feel free to either hit me up in the comments below or email me.

I’m an open book!

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14 responses to “How to Make Money on Social Fabric”

  1. Jamie says:

    Lovelovelove this post Kelsey! I’m not signed up with Social Fabric & have heard mixed reviews so kind of had it on the back burner.

    Reading this post has definitely persuaded me to sign up & apply for campaigns! So many great tips for pitching outside SoFab too!

    • Blondes & Bagels says:

      Thanks Jamie! Honestly – what do you have to lose?! Might as well give pitching them a shot! 😉 You never know what opportunities will open up!

      xoxo Kelsey

  2. Bay Area Fashionista says:

    Hi Kelsey! I noticed your post in the Facebook page so I hopped over here to see what Social Fabric is all about. I hadn’t heard of it before! I work with other collab portals, some lucrative and some not so lucrative. I love all of these tips, being specific is a key tip!

    Thank you for posting this and glad to connect!


    • Blondes & Bagels says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Cathy! And same here – I’m definitely on a lotttt of other platforms. You have to be! Diversify diversify diversify.

      xoxo Kelsey

  3. Lauren Parry says:

    I love this post! So helpful.

  4. Thank you for this incredibly valuable information! As I am new(ish) to the blogging world I always wondered how/where to start reaching out for sponsored work. I am signed up for Activate by Bloglovin’ and get their campaign emails. I occasionally review them and see some that are relevant to me and my blog, but have yet to apply for one. Do you have any experience with them or do you specifically apply for campaigns on Social Fabric?

    • Blondes & Bagels says:

      Hi Bri! I’m signed up for a lot of platforms! Social Fabric, Activate, TapInfluence, Clever Girls, BlogHer, Acorn Influence, and more! I’ve made the most so far from SoFab and Tap. I’ve actually had zero luck with Activate but know lots of bloggers who love them!

      xoxo Kelsey

  5. Ashley McClellan Houston says:

    Love this girl! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Channing says:

    This is super super helpful! thank you for sharing!


  7. Hannah says:

    I use social fabric all the time and these are some really great tips! Thanks for the info!

  8. Nailil Ivaldi says:

    This is really helpful. So glad I came across your post.

  9. Laura Lily says:

    Thank you so much for all of the helpful tips!
    Instagram: @Laura_Lily