Louis Vuitton Favorite MM Review

I love Louis Vuitton. We all know this by now, considering my endless Neverfull posts. But when I accidentally stumbled across the last Louis Vuitton Favorite MM not just in store, but in an entire city – I knew I had struck gold.

If you’ve landed on this blog post, you’re likely looking for a review on the Louis Vuitton Favorite MM and maybe even some tips on where to find one.

So let’s dig in.


Everything you need to know about the Louis Vuitton Favorite MM.

The size and details.

The Favorite MM is a small/medium sized crossbody bag. There is a smaller version of this bag, but the MM size measures at 26 x 15 x 4 cm. The bag is made of Louis Vuitton’s classic coated canvas, with a variety of monogram canvas options. The bag comes with two different straps: a longer length strap made of untreated leather and a shorter gold chain strap to allow for wear as a shoulder bag or even clutch. The bag also features a hidden magnetic closure for extra security.

Prints offered.

I have the classic Louis Vuitton monogram Favorite, but the style also comes in the brown monogram canvas, called damier ebene, as well as the white monogram, damier azur.

Louis Vuitton Favorite MM price.

As of late 2020, it’s a bit difficult to price an authentic Louis Vuitton Favorite MM in store or online – the website doesn’t even say. Based on my research, the bag typically is around the $850 USD mark at U.S. retail. If you can’t find it at U.S. retail.

Availability – where to shop.

And that’s what leads us to availability – because this bag is apparently available no where.

Truthfully, I found this bag entirely on accident. My husband and I were in Paris on vacation (we got engaged that trip!) and I had wanted to potentially buy a Louis Vuitton Speedy while in Paris because of the lower European cost, conversion, and tax break. I took a look at that bag, but the sales associate actually brought the Favorite MM out as an alternative and I fell in love with it. She let me know it was not just the only one they had in store – but the only one in all of Paris.


Who knew – but apparently the LV Favorite is a smash hit and stores can barely keep them in stock. The Louis Vuitton Favorite monogram is so popular in fact, that it sells well above its retail price on the second hand market.

My recommendation is to keep an eye on this page on Fashionphile. I’ve got blog posts all about Fashionphile and why I trust it as the best place to shop pre-loved designer items. None of these posts are sponsored – I just truly find that Fashionphile has the best prices and the best overall experience. It’s where I bought my Neverfull GM!


Pros of the Louis Vuitton Favorite MM.

Versatile size.

I am obsessed with the size of this bag. It’s honestly so deceiving. The LV Favorite MM looks small, but it packs a hidden punch. It’s actually got a surprising amount of space inside! I can usually fit a decent sized wallet (not just a card case), my iPhone 12 Pro, some lip products, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, my keys, and a few other small essentials.

Is the Louis Vuitton Favorite MM bag a big bag? Absolutely not. It’s obviously a small bag. But when comparing to other shoulder bags, it’s definitely not more than what I’d consider is normal space. I’d say specifically comparing the Louis Vuitton Favorite MM vs PM, you’re getting a whole lot more space and the bag still looks beautifully delicate.

Multiple straps.

I love that this bag has multiple straps because I have more options for how I choose to style and wear it. The long strop is great if you like to wear a bag across your body – and a crossbody bag is my absolute favorite (other than a tote). The crossbody strap is also crazy comfortable – I never have any pain wearing this bag (like I do with the crossbody strap on my Polene Numero Un Mini).

The shorter gold chain strap is adorable when resting on the bag as its worn crossbody. I don’t usually utilize that strap as THE strap, but it’s definitely a nice option if you’re wanting to wear your Favorite MM as a more “formal” evening bag.


Cons of the Louis Vuitton Favorite MM.


There’s just no way around this – the bag is overpriced. Period. I mean in all honesty, I kind of think most Louis Vuitton bags are. I love designer just as much as the next human. Christian Louboutin and Saint Laurent, I’m looking at you. But I think we have to admit spending near $1,000 USD on a coated canvas bag is a little absurd.

But what can we say. It’s the brand. I try to justify it by telling myself it’s a bag and doesn’t wear out as fast as say, shoes.

Rarity at retail.

The obvious con of this bag is it seems so hard to get in stores or online. Basically unless you’re willing to pay above retail for a pre-loved version (or a new, but sold on the second hand market version), you’re going to have a hard time finding one. I’ve seen online some people recommend buddying up with a Louis Vuitton sales associate – maybe not such a bad idea if you’re really wanting to get your hands on the bag for the retail price.

In the end – is it worth it?

At the end of the day, I think the real question everyone always wants to know is is it worth it?

I mean, I love this bag. I love it so much. I definitely have the memories attached to it, given we bought it on our engagement trip in Paris. But even memories aside, it’s just an insanely functional bag.

I will say it’s definitely overpriced and I don’t think it’s “worth” the price increase I’m seeing on the second hand market. It’s a cute bag to buy a the retail price – but I actually got the bag as a gift (from my husband and now in-laws). If I had to pay for the bag myself, I’d probably be giving it a second thought considering I have so many other functional bags in this size range (for example my Cuyana crossbody bags or my Polene).

Do I love my Favorite MM? Absolutely. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. But I’m not sure I can give a fair assessment of if it’s “worth” it just given it’s so hard to get at the retail price and I received it as a gift.

But obvi I DO love it.

Do you own the Louis Vuitton Favorite MM? Or are you on the hunt for it? Tell me in the comments below!

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