Louis Vuitton Dupes You’ll Love

I have a big love affair with Louis Vuitton handbags – but wow are they expensive. Not everyone can stomach throwing down thousands of dollars for designer bags, which is exactly why there’s a group of us online constantly on the hunt for amazing Louis Vuitton dupes.

I want to make one things very clear up front: I’m a huge fan of designer dupes but very anti counterfeit. There’s a big difference between inspired bags (similar in shape or silhouette) and straight up knock offs (virtually a direct copy).

I’ve got a whole host of my favorite Louis Vuitton dupes I can’t wait to share with you – so let’s dive into my faves and why you should shop dupes NOT copies.

Snag the best Louis Vuitton dupes to save on your favorite handbag styles. Kelsey from Blondes & Bagels shares her favorites.

What to look for in good Louis Vuitton dupes.

Similar shapes and silhouettes.

The key to amazing bag dupes is to get the shape and silhouette just right. Most designer bags become recognizable by their silhouette – it’s what makes a Pochette Métis, for example, extra special and unique.

Similar materials.

A good dupe doesn’t necessarily need to be made from the exact same material, but it’s a nice bonus! For example the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is made of their classic coated canvas and this tote gives a similar feel to the Neverfull because it is also made of a coated canvas/PVC material.

Quality in both production and materials.

Just because we’re shopping for a less expensive bag than the designer bag we’re lusting for – it doesn’t give us license to cheap out. Cheap handbags end up in the trash which ultimately is a waste of money. Do not waste your hard earned cash by buying crappy designer dupes. Whether buying a dupe or the real thing, make sure you’re shopping quality so that you are adding a piece to your wardrobe that will last.

Reasons NOT to shop counterfeit, “inspired by,” or knock off products.

Counterfeits often equate to unethical labor practices and environmental destruction.

I have a lot of blog posts about reasons not to shop fast fashion. I’ve even guest posted on other blogs to talk about why it’s important to build a wardrobe that is both ethical and sustainable. The long story short here is that counterfeits, “inspired by” designs, and knock off accessories aren’t held to the same standards when it comes to ethics and sustainability as their designer inspirations.

Counterfeit and knock off bags are often illegal, which means that they’re produced in environments with zero standards. From child labor to unfair working wages to unsafe working conditions, these factories are breeding grounds for abuse. I hate to say it – but if you’re buying designer knock offs on websites like Amazon or AliExpress, you’re part of the problem. It absolutely kills me when I see popular Google search terms like Louis Vuitton dupe AliExpress or Louis Vuitton dupes Amazon trending. I beg of you – please do not attempt to buy knock off bags from these sites.

In addition to the potential for substandard working conditions, knock offs and counterfeits are often produced in factories that couldn’t care less about environmental impact. Pollution runs rampant, contributing to global warming.

Substandard production of counterfeits makes for a bag that will end up in the trash.

Landfills are already overflowing – we don’t need to add terribly produced knock off handbags to the pile. One of the ways counterfeit and knock off producers cut corners to give you a cheap price is by using cheap materials. That ultimately means these bags are not built to last the way their designer inspirations are. An authentic Neverfull will last you decades while a counterfeit won’t last a year. It’s honestly more ideal to shop high quality Louis Vuitton dupes that will last you longer than a counterfeit will.

Snag the best Louis Vuitton dupes to save on your favorite handbag styles. Kelsey from Blondes & Bagels shares her favorites.

Snag the best Louis Vuitton dupes to save on your favorite handbag styles. Kelsey from Blondes & Bagels shares her favorites.

My favorite Louis Vuitton dupes.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull dupes

I do have an entire separate blog post dedicated to Neverfull dupes, but I’ll hit you with some updated styles while we’re here.

Megan Leather Tote

This tote is a really streamlined, classic tote silhouette. Sure, you’re not getting that same monogram effect as the Neverfull, but the overall shape and size is still fairly similar. I also appreciate the price of this one ringing in at just under $200.

B.P. Faux Leather Classic Tote

Nordstrom’s B.P. Actually makes a solid Neverfull dupe with this faux leather tote. Given that the Neverfull itself isn’t made with real leather, a faux leather or canvas option can ring fairly true to the style. The price of this bad boy is also ridiculously approachable at just under $50.

Tory Burch Monogram Coated Canvas Tote

Tory Burch isn’t exactly Louis Vuitton, but we all have to admit this style is an amazing Neverfull dupe. Not only does this tote have a monogram, just like our favorite classic LV monogram, but it’s also made of a wildly similar material: coated canvas. I will say this style isn’t exactly inexpensive given it’s over $300, but it looks like a tote that will last.

Coach Willow Signature Canvas Tote Bag

The Coach signature monogram was extremely popular years back. You can now rock the Coach monogram in a Neverfull style dupe with this tote. The Willow Tote does look to be a bit less wide than the Neverfull, but overall does give a good inspired by appearance.

Tory Burch Gemini Link Coated Canvas Tote

Tory Burch is at it again with another coated canvas Neverfull dupe option. This style reminds me so much of the Neverfull in not only material and print, but also in overall shape and size. This tote is perfectly squared off, just like the Neverfull, with a similar strap length as well.

Calvin Klein Logo Tote

If you’re looking for a relatively affordable dupe, the Calvin Klein Logo Tote is an awesome substitute for the Neverfull. This style reminds me of the MM in terms of size. It’s also sold specifically at Nordstrom Rack, which means you’ll be able to snag a great sale every so often.

Noelle Elite Large Tote

This tote does have some stitching details not found in the classic Neverfull, but overall the print and silhouette do give a Neverfull dupe kind of vibe. At under $70, this bag isn’t a terrible dupe option to have on hand instead of splurging thousands.

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack dupes

The Palm Springs Backpack is honestly a very hard bag to dupe. The silhouette alone is so specifically unique. When you add in the coated canvas material and classic monograms – it’s tough to find things that fulfill that same specific look. That being said, backpacks (and mini backpacks) are incredibly “in” right now, so it’s not tough to find a backpack that will fill the same functional void.

Rebecca Minkoff Julian Studded Leather Backpack

The silhouette and shape of this backpack isn’t at all like the Palm Springs Backpack – but this one does have a similar edgy style to it. One of the things that makes the Palm Springs Backpack so popular is it does seem to have an edge. This Rebecca Minkoff backpack has that same cool girl vibe, even if it isn’t an exact dupe.

Michael Kors Monogram Backpacks

Michael Kors makes several monogram backpack styles (like this one and this one). Honestly the MK styles of backpacks are a fairly good dupe for the Palm Springs backpack because they’re monogram, coated canvas, and also come in similar colors. They’re also way less expensive, at typically less than $250.

Louis Vuitton wallet dupes

Thankfully finding a Louis Vuitton wallet dupe isn’t complicated, and typically doesn’t cost and arm and a leg. Michael Kors again makes several monogram, coated canvas styles that resemble the classic LV monogram (like this one and this one). Coach also have a few monogram styles like this wristlet and this color-block style.

Do you have any favorite Louis Vuitton dupes? Hit me with your favorite styles in the comments below!

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