What It’s Really Like to Own Louboutins

Christian Louboutin’s are like the little black dress of black pumps – a timeless and coveted classic. It’s impossible to watch a red carpet (or a single rerun of Gossip Girl) without catching a glimpse of those well known red bottoms. We all lust after Louboutin, but with a starting price tag of $675 these babies don’t come cheap. So what’s it really like to own a pair of Loubs? Well here is one blonde’s honest opinion.

After receiving a promotion at work (GO ME) I decided to reward myself in a big way. I was going to make my first designer purchase and I intended to pop my designer cherry with a pair of luscious, red-bottomed Louboutins. Trust me I had the night sweats for weeks going into anxious internal ramblings of, “How irresponsible are you? These shoes almost pay for a month of rent!” I am not a CEO. Hell, I’m not even a manager – I don’t make much money. But it’s okay (I convinced myself) because what else do we save and work hard for if not to reward ourselves?

louboutin pigalle

I schlepped from Neiman’s to Sak’s to Nordstrom, but ultimately ended up buying from the Louboutin Boutique on Maiden Lane in San Francisco. I was definitely chasing an idea of what I thought it would be like to actually buy a pair of Loubs – I visualized myself perched on an arm chair with tons of open boxes around me as I tried on pair after pair a la Carrie Bradshaw. The reality was way less glamorous. The girls that work at the Maiden Lane boutique sell Louboutins day in day out and me coming in for my first time wasn’t all that special for them. The entire process involved me trying on a black pair and a nude pair, taking a walk around the block to think it over, and then coming back in ready to buy (“Yeah we knew you’d be back”). I wish the girls had made the moment feel more special, but in the end I pulled the trigger and still had a good time. I opted for the 100mm Pigalle’s (any woman who wears the So Kate’s is a female warrior cyborg because they aren’t made for human feet).

While I only rock the 100mm height, I’m not going to lie…these shoes HURT. I’ve been told this wonderful story of how the leather will stretch or they will “mold to my feet.” I’m not sure what fantasy world those people are living in but my Pigalle’s are just plain painful. Beautiful – but painful. Mr. Louboutin himself won’t lie that it isn’t his job to make “comfortable shoes.”

Admittedly despite the searing pain shooting up from my toes with each wear, I have zero regrets about my purchase. I love my Louboutins. Sometimes I find myself staring dreamily at the box and even unpack them just to lounge around in bed while wearing them.

So why do we love our Loubs if they’re so miserable to wear? Because of how they make us feel. Sure – I feel pain (crazy walking on pins and needles oh my God my feet are going to fall off pain).

But I also feel sexy, beautiful, and powerful.

What is your favorite luxury shoe brand? Have you ever splurged on a pair of shoes?

xoxo Blonde