Kitchen Items To Buy During Shelter In Place

Has anyone else gone on a full quarantine online shopping spree? Because wowza I have.

I’ve gone absolutely bananas buying home items online. I shop beauty and even clothing quite frequently, but I typically never shop home items. Especially not kitchen items. I’ve always just sort of gotten by with only owning a 1/3 dry measuring cup and no oven mitt.

But now with cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinners at home pretty much all dang day – it’s become painfully obvious what home items we’re missing. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but have found a great deal more comfort in cooking during this time. I’ve been hand-making pasta, whipping up tons of new dishes, and really getting inspired in my kitchen.

So yeah – maybe I’ve gone a little bonkers with the ordering. But I think despite all the anxiety I’m feeling right now I’ll actually come out of this experience with fond memories of time spent in my kitchen.

Judgement free zone, please. Here’s all the shiz I’ve bought for my kitchen during shelter in place!

Lifestyle blogger Kelsey from Blondes & Bagels highlights the best kitchen items to buy during shelter in place.

Kitchen items I’ve bought during shelter in place.

A popcorn maker.

Popcorn is one of my all time favorite snacks. I have a big savory tooth and I won’t lie – a giant bowl of buttery and salty popcorn is my ideal meal.

While I love packaged popcorn, it isn’t particularly healthy. With air popped popcorn, you can control the seasonings – but my biceps are hurting from my adventures making my own popcorn in a pot over the stove. This mini popcorn maker is a welcome addition in our home. Not only does it pop with air (no oil!) but you can melt butter in the machine as well to add a dash on top. It’s also under $20!

A waffle maker.

I’m not a fan of the F-Factor diet, but have always wanted to try their waffle recipe. We actually didn’t own a waffle maker! I ordered this one from Target. It’s inexpensive, but effective.

Mini stand mixer.

Stand mixers don’t come cheap, but Williams Sonoma actually has them on sale right now! The standard Kitchen Aid mixer is massive – ringing in at 26 pounds. Our counter space is pretty limited, so I got crazy excited when I saw this mini version on sale for $199! The bowl is 3qt vs the standard 5qt, but given it can still pump out five dozen cookies I think it’s plenty big enough for the two of us (lol). It’s also almost 10 pounds lighter than the standard size and a much smaller footprint!

Mini pasta machine.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you know I’ve been hand making pasta a lot lately. Honestly making the dough and slicing up the noodles has been really therapeutic – but also pretty tricky. KB ordered me this compact pasta maker for two and I’m so excited for it to arrive! This handy little machine can make spaghetti, penne, and fettuccini – with zero mess all over your counter top. I can’t find any flour in stores, but ordered some whole wheat flour online so I can make some healthier whole wheat pasta!

Loads of bakeware.

Ya’ll – we have this phrase in our apartment…

“The apartment giveth.”

We sort of “inherited” our apartment. It’s been in our friend group for well over a decade now – which means over the years various tenants have left pots, pans, silverware, plates, you name it. When I moved in and our last roommate moved out, we just sort of hung on to a bunch of the random items that “the apartment giveth.” What this meant is 1) the quality of a lot of those items was, well, not ideal. And also 2) we were missing a ton of items because we never did that big IKEA shopping trip for cookware most couples get to do when they move in together. So I went ham on the kitchen cookware and bakeware sections from multiple online stores.

Our baking dishes were in dire need of replacement. I found this oval shaped one on sale (used in the photo in this post!), as well as this rectangular one and this square one both on sale in select colors. I’m also dying to hop on the bread making train so ordered a cast iron combo cooker – looks like its sold out now but I’d get on the waiting list because this specific one is the one many of the pros use and it’s affordable.

Other general baking supplies.

Again, with “the apartment giveth” – we had a whole lot of mismatched, random cooking and baking supplies. Truly I only had a 1/3 measuring cup so any time I needed to add a cup of something in a recipe I had to use my little measuring cup three times. Absurd. We also only had dish towels and no oven mitts – which if I’m going to be using a cast iron at all that’s a big no go.

I rounded off my shopping spree by ordering a handful of much needed basic kitchen supplies. And now finally our kitchen feels complete.

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Lifestyle blogger Kelsey from Blondes & Bagels highlights the best kitchen items to buy during shelter in place.
Lifestyle blogger Kelsey from Blondes & Bagels highlights the best kitchen items to buy during shelter in place.