Russian Influence

kiev paisley

Happy Friday, dolls.

Um, so it’s been quite a week. I’m super not into getting political on here, but I know it’s been a really emotional week for a ton of people – myself included. I want to at least take a quick moment to reaffirm that this space – my space – is and forever will be tolerant, inclusive, kind, and a space for inspiration.

So let’s all escape from reality and distract ourselves with my hilarious back alley photo shoot. Shall we?

So I always swore to myself I’d never be a true “fashion blogger” because I can’t stomach doing outfit posts myself. I totally think this stems from insecurity. In case you didn’t know, let me fill you in…

I’m literally not even 5 feet tall. Like I’m actually ridiculously short. But I am also ridiculously curvy. I have wide hips that just don’t quit. I’ve basically been camera shy since I was 10 and have to force myself in front of the camera.

But there’s something super empowering about getting over that fear, dressing up, and organizing a shoot.

Although the confused construction workers in the background are less than ideal.

kiev paisley

kiev paisley

kiev paisley

Shop the Look

Based on these pictures y’all probably totally thought I was gonna holler about the OTK boots riiiight? Meep. Wrong!

Okay the boots are actually super amazing, not gonna lie. I also totally found them at Nordstrom Rack for under $100 which also totally rocks.

But I’m actually mostly excited to show off my little Vera Bradley bag. I feel like Vera gets such a bad rap with our age group. Like I get it, my grandma totally loves Vera Bradley. It definitely caters to an older generation (and a Southern generation). But I’ve always had a soft spot for Vera because I’ve been rockin’ them since my dance days.

I’m obsessed with the new winter print Kiev Paisley. Not even really because I’m a paisley fan, but because I love the inspiration behind it. KB was born in Moldova, most of my friends are Russian – I even speak a little myself! Kiev Paisley has notes of Ukrainian influence from the deep jewel tones to the folklore like swirls. Obsessed.

kiev paisley

kiev paisley

kiev paisley

kiev paisley

More Kiev Paisley Pieces

I feel like putting this post together also totally makes me realize that it takes a village. In anything that you do, you can learn so much from other people and it’s so rare you can do it alone. Like there’s no way I could do what I do without help!

Payton (from Hustle + Halcyon) and Ashley (from Two Peas in a Prada) are both rock star fashion/lifestyle/generally amazing bloggers who’ve dished out some much needed advice and tips over the last few weeks. Also I had the most amazing time showing Morgan & Tracey (two more crazy cool bloggers) around SF last weekend! It’s been awesome to soak up the wisdom of those who have been kicking ass long before I even bought my domain name.

These ladies are also real examples of how we should all operate in life – with the openness to help your neighbor and the kindness to want to see others succeed. Imagine that. A world where we all support each other.

Insert emotional tears here.

But really, check out their blogs. I do. Every day.

kiev paisley

kiev paisley

kiev paisley

Keep on keepin’ on, Bagel Babes. We made it through the election – and we’re almost to the holidays!

I’m so ready to stuff my face on Thanksgiving. How about you?

Photography by Sarah Smith

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  1. Stephanie says:

    What a fun look! I’m loving the statement bag for sure. Never really been into Vera, but this is much more my style – so cute! You made it totally pop against that outfit!

    Stephanie //