Kauai Itinerary

My dad called me up about two months ago and asked if I'd be interested in a little family vacation.

TO HAWAII, he says.

Obviously KB and I were down. I've been to both Maui and the big island, but Kauai was a new one for all of us! I seriously had the best time and am still coming down off that vacation high.

Going back to work after an amazing vacation is rough, I tell ya.

Instead of this week's Weekly Bite, I decided to do a little Kauai itinerary instead! You'll get to see shots from our trip and a breakdown of what we did - plus extra recommendations for things I think you should do if you make it out to Kauai.

Places to stay

My family and I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Kauai and let me tell you - even a Hilton Garden Inn is fancier in Hawaii. The space was open and beautiful. I also loved the pool and hot tub. It only got overcrowded on one day, otherwise I was able to kick back and relax pool side.

I'm sort of ashamed to admit I'm a pool > ocean kind of gal.

Honestly I felt the Hilton Garden Inn was well positioned. We were fairly central to both the North and South sides of the island - about 40 mins to Hanalei to the North and 40 mins to Poipu to the South.

You can check out other top rated hotels in Kauai here.

My Hawaii Wardrobe Faves

Things to do (+ best photo opps!)

Hang by your pool

Honestly...this was my fave activity of the trip. I KNOW - Kauai is so scenic and why would I fly to Hawaii to sit by a pool instead of the ocean. But I can't help it. I loved relaxing and reading books by the hotel pool. I literally read three books during this trip. So take it from me - grab a good book and give yourself permission to just relax.

Road trip to Hanalei

During one of our days we drove the 40ish minutes up to Hanalei. There are actually some awesome snorkeling and sights north of Hanalei, but there was a storm back in the spring that has left the roads flooded and closed to this day. 

Hanalei itself was beautiful. The town is nestled at the foot of mountains and the North side of the island in general is more lush, green, and tropical than anywhere I've been before.

Visit Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls was an easy 15 minute drive from our hotel. Talk about gorgeous! The cascading falls are stunning and I couldn't help but wonder just how old they must be. Nature is honestly insane and the island of Kauai seems almost like a treasure of the past perfectly untouched and preserved.

Stop by the Tree Tunnel

KB did me a solid and found this beautiful Instagram photo opp. It's a must see for a quick shot!

Snorkle at Poipu Beach

I'm not much of a snorkeler myself, but my family is alllll about that snorkel life. My dad especially! KB played tour guide and found us the best beaches to snorkel at - Poipu being one of them! There's a beautiful little protected cove and the fish are plenty. I, of course, chilled on the beach with a book. 

Sightsee at Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon is unreal. I've never been to the Grand Canyon, so my canyon experience in general is pretty limited. I was blown away. Apparently people often take helicopter tours into the canyon - if you can afford it DO IT because even from the lookout points we were at, the view was gorgeous! Imagine that view from in the air...

Boat to the Napali Coast

We unfortunately didn't get to do this one - but I've heard it's actually the number one recommended sight to see while in Kauai. In all honesty, it's just expensive for a family of 5 (plus one!). Seriously. If you can afford it - Google it. Book it.

Swim at Queen's Bath (if you can!)

The fam actually attempted this one - but we couldn't find any parking! Queen's Bath is a natural made rock pool. Parking is super limited, so I recommend you do this as an early AM (before 10) task. 



My Hawaii Beauty Faves

Places to eat

Saimin Dojo - We came. I saw. I ate ramen.

Kintaro - We stopped by Kintaro for sushi dinner. Solid choice and affordable!

Sleeping Giant Grill - The fish burrito is BOMB.

Scorpacciata Pizza - This pizza is delicious, but also heavy. Expect some bubbling tummies...but it's worth it.

Al Pastor Tacos - I opted for a burrito, but the fam thoroughly enjoyed tacos and burritos alike!

Kauai Boba & BBQ - This food truck had some of the best BBQ I've ever had. The Boba was so so, but honestly it's hard to beat SF boba.

Wailua Shave Ice - This was a KB pitstop. Lol he was on a shave ice mission.

Pono Market - Another KB choice! In addition to shave ice, he was on a poké expedition.

Got Kauai recommendations? Drop them in the comments below so other #BagelBabes headed to the island can check them out!

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