Just Got Engaged? Here’s What to do Next.

So you just got engaged…NOW WHAT.

But seriously - that’s how I felt. It’s still sort of how I feel.

My fiancé proposed in Paris and thankfully pretty early on in our trip, so we got to soak in the glow of being freshly betrothed and relax the rest of our time abroad. It rocked! But now we’re back and it’s been GO GO GO ever since the plane landed.

I’ll admit - I’m intense. Like in all the best of ways (says my fiancé). I love KB and I love planning - I was so excited to dive into wedding planning! I still am!

But honestly, even in these first handful of weeks I’ve learned a TON about what to do (and not to do) once you’re engaged.

So let's break it down.


DO take some time to just enjoy being engaged.

When KB and I got engaged we swore to each other we’d take “a month to just enjoy” - lolz that didn’t really last long. But we’ll get to why later!

Honestly take some time just to soak in the glory of being engaged. It rocks. You can be cute and couply and enjoy the time before you have to get into the sexiness of RSVPs and seating charts.

DO sit down and have a quick chat about some high level wedding ideas - over a candlelit dinner!

Now I’m not saying you have to dive into planning right away, but I DO recommend having casual wedding chats over romantic dinner dates. KB and I were able to get on the same page about so many things up front - what time of year we’d like to get married, how big of a wedding we’d like, even what “style” of wedding (he’s Russian - so Russian style!).


DO adjust your planning schedule to match your date.

Aaaaand now to why we didn’t take that “month off.” LOLZ.

Originally we thought we’d be looking at a 2020 wedding date - which would leave plenty of time for planning. But then we hopped on the late Fall/early winter 2019 train and MAN did that change the timeline up.

Some wedding venues book out a year in advance. It also can take several months to order and properly alter a wedding dress. Baby girl needs TIME for these things! Once he said 2019 I was off to the races. I adjusted my planning schedule real quick.

Make sure you take time to enjoy and don’t dive in too fast - but also make sure you’re timely! It’s all about finding the sweet spot.

DON’T listen to anyone - yet.

As soon as you get engaged, everyone has an opinion. Everyone. Friends, family, and coworkers alike will have all sorts of thoughts on the best time to get married, the best place to get married, color palette, guest list, you name it - they have an opinion about it.

Be polite and listen, but my recommendation is don’t absorb - YET. I’m all for getting advice from those around me, but I think it’s important to listen to yourself first.

Do you love that crazy pair of shoes? Don’t let anyone tell you they aren’t right. Do you have a color palette you’re absolutely dying over? Don’t internalize anyone’s comments yaying or naying it.

Listen to YOU first - and ask for valuable advice down the line.


DON’T get hung up on the things that don’t matter.

MOST importantly - don’t get hung up on the small shit. Seriously. It’s so easy to get snippy or stressed over guests lists or even minor details. This process is supposed to be fun!

A girlfriend gave me amazing advice - have you and your fiancé each pick three things that matter most to you on your big day. Don’t get hung up on the rest.

That little tidbit has helped KB and I a TON already! It’s helped us keep perspective on what really matters to each of us. It’s also helped us not even fret over the other details (lol yet), because we know what matters.

Shop my look.


Our amazing engagement photos were shot by Holly Dyche! If you're in California, I highly recommend her!

Got advice for what to do after you get engaged? Drop some knowledge in the comments below!

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