Inside My Bathroom Cabinet

Ya'll know I'm a skincare junkie. I'm obsessed with the latest products. I love reading up on ingredients and comparing products. 

I effing love skincare.

I'm also super nosey and love to know what everyone else is using on the reg. There are few places more personal than a bathroom cabinet - so I'm getting personal about skincare today and giving you a peek at the things I use on the reg.

Let's do this.


My favorite face washes.

Murad Essential-C Cleanser This antioxidant rich cleanser is one of my faves. I’ve noticed my skin is noticeably brighter since using this cleanser in the evenings. It’s vitamin packed with vitamins A, C, and E. I love a cleanser that boasts amazing benefits.

Philosophy Purity Cleanser I’ll be honest that the reason I love this cleanser so much is that I have a strong scent attachment to it. I used this cleanser after every workout at the YMCA last year so now whenever I use it I feel extra clean and almost…healthy. I think it’s just a scent association thing (even though it’s labeled “fragrance free”). BUT this cleanser earns its place in my top list scent aside – it literally melts makeup and dirt away. Purity is award winning for being one of the best one step cleansers on the market.

I also love the Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser, Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, and the Origins Checks and Balances Cleanser (not shown – they’re all in my shower!).

My favorite face masks.

Glossier Greens and Moon Mask I became addicted to the Glossier masks last September when I picked them up from the showroom while I was in NY for New York Fashion Week. Instant obsession. I love to use the Greens mask when I need a good detox for my skin. I use the Moon Mask almost weekly for extra hydration!

Flower & Tonic Mask This one is super new to my cabinet. I actually grabbed it by mistake (I meant to grab this collagen mask) but all the damn containers look the same. Whoopsies! Anywhosen it ended up working out in my favor. This mask is a powerful detox mask that sucks dirt and grime out of my pores. The fresh smell is an added bonus.

Bouncy Mask I always reach for this mask when my skin needs some extra pep. This mask literally visibly plumps the skin (they mean it when they say “bouncy”). Rosebud extract, marine botanicals, vitamin c – it’s got all the good stuff and more.

Origins mini masks I love these little mini masks for travel! There’s a charcoal mask for detox days, a hydrating mask when you need extra moisture, and a rose clay mask when texture is an issue.

Other skincare favorites.

Clinique Take The Day Off This is hands down my holy grail product when it comes to maintaining my clear skin. Before I met Take The Day Off I was not getting all my makeup off my skin each night. Period. It led to clogged pores and plenty of zits. Take The Day Off is the most amazing makeup removing balm I’ve ever tried. LOVE.

Glossier Solution Another new addition to my routine, but an instant love. I’ve been using Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads for a while now, but I’m secretly convinced Glossier Solution might be a less expensive alternative. At the end of the day they’re both amazing chemical exfoliators. Dealer’s choice.

Cucumber & Green Tea Facial Spray I’m no stranger to setting sprays, but a facial spray to be used as part of a skincare routine is new for me. I’ve been loving this Cucumber & Green Tea spray from Mario Badescu. Not only is it nutrient rich and amazing for the skin, but it smells like a spa day in a bottle.

Cucumber Under Eye Masks – Dark circles are a huge skincare problem for me. Unfortunately my dark circles are the result of thin skin and there’s really no miracle product to thicken up your under eye skin. That means my only method of defense is brightening. These eye patches do wonders. They both hydrate and brighten – the price is totally worth it.

Origins GinZing Moisturizer and Olay Micro Sculpting Cream My two favorite moisturizers of all time. If you’ve watched my Instagram Stories for even two minutes you’ll know these are my ride or dies.

Kopari Coconut Melt – Another regular on my IG! I am downright addicted to the Kopari Coconut Melt. I’ve ditched all other body care in favor of this bad boy. It’s all natural, it’s hydrating, it’s cruelty free, it’s everything.



Shop My Stash

My top dental essentials.

I'm already planning an entire post about my favorite dental essentials because HELLO this is a seriously important topic. But I'll give a shoutout to my Parodontax toothpaste and my Nimbus toothbrush here to introduce ya'll to these two life changing items.

The Parodontax toothpaste is formulated especially for sensitive (aka bleeding) gums. Call me Miss Gingivitis because bleeding gums are the story of my life (and yes - I do floss). The Nimbus toothbrush has also been amazing. It has extra fine fibers that slip under the gums to help with that whole bleeding sitch.

Gum health for the win!


What's in your bathroom cabinet? Tell me your fave skincare products in the comments below!

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