Hydro Flask Addiction – Is It Worth It?

Our family trip to Hawaii was amazing, but like, kind of dehydrating. I stupidly didn’t pack a water bottle and apparently my entire family is made up of camels. 
Literally my parents and brothers were unconcerned about water. 
KB and I try to make a big effort to drink as much water as we can. I definitely haven’t been perfect. I’m ashamed to admit that most days I don’t even drink half the recommended daily amount (which is about eight 8 oz glasses of water a day). But for some reason our Hawaii trip was like taking it out of me. I was THIRSTY. 
So the whole fam was hanging out in the hot tub when my brothers started talking about Hydro Flasks. My brothers have them, KB has one, even my mom has one. They were all talking about how Hydro Flasks keep water ice cold for hours and how much more water they were drinking.
I thought to myself - THIS is a train I can get on.
Basically I made both my brothers and KB get out of the hot tub to drive me around the island of Kauai to find Hydro Flasks. KB is next level genius and looked up their Kauai distro list. After hitting up three stores we finally found a color I loved - it looks like PINK LEMONADE. 
I was actually initially convinced this color was Hawaii exclusive, but my Instagram fam let me know the salesperson was sorely mistaken. It’s okay. So my super cute pink lemonade Hydro Flask isn’t Hawaii exclusive. It’s still rad and I’m obsessed. 
Anywhoosen I wanted to break down why using Hydro Flasks has actually completely changed the water drinking game for me. Because seriously, I’ve been chugging 80 oz a day since I switched over.
80 oz. LITERALLY. 

Size matters.

When it comes to water bottles, size matters. Lately I’ve been all about the bigger the better (lolz). Real talk - the bigger the bottle, the fewer the times you have to refill each day.
I’ve been using a 40 oz Hydro Flask and my goal is to drink two a day. 80 oz of water total is actually slightly above the daily recommended amount - so even if I don’t drink quite the full two bottles I’m still acing it. I also love that this system means I don’t really have to track my water intake. Two bottles. Boom. Done.
The only con to a big bottle is toting it around. I actually keep one 40 oz bottle at work and one at home so that I don’t have to commute with a big ol’ Hydro Flask. 
Find what works for you! If you like a smaller bottle and can track that way - do it. It’s all about staying hydrated so you have to find your flow.

Get one.


Suck it.

 I’ve loved many a water bottle in my time. Seriously I do think all brands have their pros and cons, but what has made the Hydro Flask soar to obsession levels for me is the straw lid option. 
Call it an oral fixation or whatever you’d like, but the straw lid is LIFE. I drink so much more water when I have a straw.
I’m not super stoked on the potential fine lines around my lips I might get from all the suckage, but I like to think the hydration will cancel it out.

Embrace diversity.

WHY CHOOSE JUST ONE BOTTLE. I’ve got my work bottle, my home bottle, hell I’m highly considering a WHATEVER I WANT bottle.
I want all the sizes and all the colors and I would like them delivered. 
Real talk - invest in a Hydro Flask and I swear it’ll change the game for you. I’m downright obsessed. 

Do you Hydro Flask? Tell me your hydration tips in the comments!

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