How to Start a Side Hustle

What is a side hustle you ask? A side hustle is a hobby turned side business. Essentially a side hustle is a way to pursue your passion while also making some extra cash, allowing you that flexibility! We live in the age of enrepreneurialism – are you ready to take a stab at your own side hustle?

“Turn your passion into a paycheck.”

First things first – pin point your passion.

When sorting out your side hustle, think not about what will make you the richest, but rather what will make you the happiest. What do you love to do? What are you good at? If you love writing, start a blog! If you’re an avid artist, start sketching and selling prints on ETSY! Pin pointing your passion is the first step to developing a side hustle.

My only cautionary is make sure to choose something you are truly passionate about – not something people tell you that you should pursue because you’re great at it. That’s awesome if you’re a great artist, but if you don’t love to draw it doesn’t matter how badly people urge you to sell your prints. People love to tell you that you should take your talents to the next level, but unless you have the drive and the passion, it’ll never get off the ground anyway and definitely won’t make you happy.

Think out the logistics.

You’ve picked your passion – now think logistics! Brainstorm how you’ll be able to share your talents with the masses. Do you need a website? Will you need an ETSY account? Do you need any equipment? List out what you wish to achieve and what tools you’ll need to achieve it.

Get the necessary paperwork.

Side hustles are only considered “on the side” to us – good old Uncle Sam wants a piece of that side hustle even if you think it’s just a slightly more serious hobby. Paperwork can get messy for the average Joe – there are tons of free legal seminars, non-profits, and websites that can help you determine if you need any paperwork to back up your side hustle. For example if you’re selling anything here in California, even if it’s on a site like ETSY, you’ll need a sellers permit from your local City Hall along with business registration. That’s right my friend – a side hustle is officially a business.

Make the time.

This one goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: your side hustle shouldn’t be your full time, but you still have to allocate some time. Your side hustle should give you joy – you should want to make time! Make sure to schedule in some time to work on your passion to keep it moving forward!

Remember – it’s a side hustle, not another job.

Make time, but don’t overdo it. As soon as you turn your side hustle into a chore it’s not a side hustle anymore – it’s just another job. And none of us wants another job. Stay passionate, stay hungry, and remember to always do what you love!

Do you have a side hustle? Are you thinking of starting a side hustle? Tell us your grand plans in the comments below!

xoxo Blonde

Feature image sourced from West Heritage.