How to Start a Blog

Have you been considering creating your own blog, but have no idea where to start? Well then this one’s for you! Here you’ll find a step by step guide on how to start your very own blog! Whether you just wish to journal your daily thoughts or you’re aspiring to be the next big beauty blogger, blogging can be an amazing experience and creative outlet. Don’t be intimidated – set up is easy & inexpensive!


Choose your niche

Here’s where you get to find your passion! The first step to starting your blog is to choose what that topic of your blog will be. You can choose from niches like travel, photography, beauty, fashion, street style – or be a lifestyle blogger like me!

Choose your blog name

After you’ve chosen your niche you’ll need to decide what the name of your new baby blog will be! You can also get your site SEO ready right off the bat by selecting a descriptive, key word infused name (think about how people will search for your content such as “How To Be a Photographer” or “Easy Recipes”). Either way you’ll want to think of something memorable and catchy that rolls right off the tongue.

Choose your platform

Now here’s where you have to make your first big decision. You’ve chosen your topic, you’ve chosen your blog name, now you need to choose which platform you will use to create your blog! There are tons of options out there, but the biggest names in the business are WordPress and Blogger. Which platform you choose to use is 100% personal preference. I’m a huge fan of WordPress (that’s what we use at Blondes & Bagels!) so I’ll show you how to get yourself up and running on WordPress, but if you choose to use Blogger the same basic principles will apply!


Purchase your domain

Now that you’ve chosen your blog name and your platform, it’s time to purchase your domain. Owning your own domain makes everything clean & professional – your website will be “.com” instead of a “.wordpress.” You can search to see if your chosen blog name is available for domain purchase when you sign up for WordPress and viola! You are the proud parent of your brand new baby blog.

Upgrade to self hosting

The most important thing to know about WordPress is the difference between the free “.com” version of WordPress and the self hosted “.org” version. The free version of WordPress is great for just starting out, however is incredibly limited in terms of customization. You also have limited file space (meaning fewer pictures) with the free version of WordPress because your files will be hosted by WordPress rather than on your own domain. If you wish to have a custom theme and if you ultimately wish to monetize your blog (host ads, etc) you’ll need to upgrade to the self hosted “.org” version of WordPress.

Sound intimidating? Never fear! We use Bluehost to host Blondes & Bagels and they make it super easy to get up and running. The installation of WordPress was incredibly painless and I’ve been blown away with the customer service team – there’s even a “live chat” option if you hate talking on the phone like I do. We’ve actually partnered with Bluehost to be able to offer you the lowest price plan available! You can self host your WordPress blog for $3.95 a month by using our special link or by clicking the banner below. Do note that this is an affiliate link and Blondes & Bagels does receive a small commission for referring you – I love Bluehost and am excited to be able to extend to you guys the same plan I host my blog with!

Once you’ve signed up with Bluehost you can quickly install your pre-existing WordPress by clicking the “Install WordPress” button.


If you get lost along the way just give customer service a ring by using the Bluehost live chat option – the wait times are short & they solve problems quickly!


Decorate your new space – choose your theme!

The biggest benefit of being self hosted (besides the fact that you can now have ads) is that you can choose your own custom theme! Blondes & Bagels uses a theme from WPZoom, but there are loads of other options out there. Think of this like decorating your room – let it be a reflection of you!

Blog away

You are now officially a blogger…say what?! Let the fun begin! Blog away and make sure to send us links to your sites in the comments section so we can see what you’re up to!

Are you ready to be a blogger? Tell us!

xoxo Blonde

*Blondes & Bagels uses affiliate links. Please read the disclaimer for more info.

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  1. Brenda says:

    Great tips! “Decorating” the blog is definitely one of the greatest aspects of creating it to be your own and personalizing it!

  2. Thanks for using our theme! I really like how it fits your website.

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