How to Shop the Nordstrom Sale Capsule Wardrobe Style + What I Bought!

Howdy, Bagel Babes!

I'm sure your social media is packed with messages from bloggers telling you OMFG the #NSALE is LIVE. Because it is. And if you plan to shop Early Access now is the time.

If you've been following me for a bit, you'll know by now I'm very into capsule wardrobes. I hate trends and most of all - I hate waste. Textiles make up the largest percentage of our landfills and honestly I'm not trying to contribute to that. If I'm going to go all mass consumer, I want to make sure I'm picking out items I'll wear for years and won't be tossing into the trash because they "went out of style."

Today I wanted to break down the items from the Nordstrom Sale you can buy (at amazing prices) to build your own capsule wardrobe! That means these pieces will not go out of style. I will also highlight the items I bought! I've built up a pretty solid capsule wardrobe, so now I get to explore a little bit more with patterns and prints - and even some jewelry!

Before we kick off, check out my first Nordstrom Sale post here (I further break down my capsule wardrobe style approach) - and let's get into it!


If ya'll are the #BagelBabes reading this post that I know you are - none of these beauty picks should come as a shocker to you. This hand cream is a regular fave of mine. I've shown my love of this Fresh moisturizer and toner on Instagram Stories for ages. I've kept this SPF setting spray in my purse for over a year. These are all products I've used, abused, and loved. INTO IT.

Real talk - I ordered two of the hand creams lol. It's my fave.


From a tops perspective, now is totally the time to build out the basics you'll need for a capsule wardrobe. These tees are on crazy sale and come in a variety of colors. I also love having a basic turtleneck and basic sweater on hand to mix and match as well.

Because I've personally build up such a good wardrobe of staple pieces, I'm wanting to add a few basic prints (think "classic" prints like leopard). I ordered this top to try on in store!


For a capsule wardrobe, you'll want basic, classic denim in both a traditional blue wash and a black. I'm also really into these faux leather leggings as a fun date night alternative.

Transparently - I did not purchase any bottoms from the sale. I have a well built up collection of staple bottoms, so it really doesn't make sense for me to add more pairs to cart right now when I'm stocked up - no matter how good the price is.

Sweaters + Outerwear

I'm SUPER into the outerwear I see this year! For a capsule wardrobe, I recommend a good faux leather jacket, a denim jacket, along with some other classic warm pieces. I also love having a basic cardigan for lighter weather days (or airplanes/lounging around the house!).


Honestly I went a little bananas with the accessories this year. In general, I recommend a good all purpose tote (this Longchamp is a fave of mine), a basic mule (I went with a print!), and some classic gold hoops. I also ordered this hat for myself because it's so freaking cute for fall.

Happy shopping, ya'll!

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