2 Holiday Outfits 2 Ways

Guys I am so freaking excited about today's post. Why? Because few things in the blogging world are better than blogging BFFs.

Blogging can be such a weird community - it can be catty and competitive. But it can also be crazy inspirational and supportive. Blogging has led me to meet two of my favorite humans, Morgan & Tomi! And we're partnering today for this super fun post.

The flip side of being competitive with other bloggers is COLLABORATING. I know. Revolutionary.

We're all individuals with individual niches and styles. That's exactly why Morgan, Tomi, and I partnered up for this post. We thought it would be super interesting to see how we each styled a holiday outfit or two.

Morgan from Mostly Morgan is the sweetest human you'll ever meet. She's got a relaxed, feminine, almost bohemian vibe about her. Tomi from GoodTomiCha is freaking hilaaaaarious. She's colorful, bold, and unafraid.

And then there's me. Wednesday Adams.

Check out my interpretation of a casual and a formal holiday outfit - and make sure to check out Morgan's outfit post here and Tomi's outfit post here!

For the pants addict

The holidays are definitely my favorite time of year - but not necessarily when it comes to dressing up. I've never fit into the girly girl box. I love a little bit of feminine flair, but dresses are not usually my jam.

I live in pants. I've never been a dress kind of girl (but I forced myself into one for ya'll later on in this post). 

So this outfit is my bread and butter (or bagel and cream cheese?).

It's all black and it's functional. I love adding a bit of edge to my holidays. This classic turtleneck was only $26 from ASOS! I also wanted to add some special holiday touches so I accessorized with this cat crossbody for $29 and these tassel earrings for $13.

I'm all about affordable, all black style.

I'm super sad to say my glitter flats are all sold out, but I did find a similar pair for you guys here!

For the dress lover

Alriiiiight this one's really for you guys. I wanted to give you a more formal option and ultimately squeezed myself into a dress for ya'll. 

But I have to say - I actually like this dress. And that's coming from a human who hates dresses!

This dress from ASOS is sort of the bomb. And noooo this post is not sponsored by ASOS (I wish. #PleaseSponsorMe). They just have insanely good deals.

This sucker is only $64! I'm also obsessing over the print and cut. Star prints have been trending like crazy lately. This somehow manages to not have a full Halloween vibe and just look formal.

The cut is also surprisingly flattering. Usually I hate anything with this much cleavage, but my boobs look good. Like seriously I'm not even wearing a bra. I'm not even ashamed.

As for the shoes, please do peruse my post on what it's really like to own Louboutins. Because let me be clear. It's actually torture.

But also they're super sexual. If shoes can be sexual, that is.

But seriously they're like almost $700. So here's a much more reasonably priced pair from, you guessed it, ASOS!

I also paired this with my favorite necklace of all time - my Kelsey necklace. This necklace has a bit of a story behind it. But let me be clear - I had it before Carrie Bradshaw made name necklaces a thing.

Are you more of a pants or a dress kind of human? Tell me in the comments below! And make sure to pop by Morgan and Tomi's posts to see their take on holiday styling!

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2 responses to “2 Holiday Outfits 2 Ways”

  1. Morgan Timm says:

    Ow ow! Looking good! Love love love the star dress and love collaborating with you and Tomi!

  2. Hi Kelsey, amazing! Really you are looking so astonished here, lovely. I am just impressed to see these outfits, especially the black & golden vanity bag. Go ahead & cheers forever!