Holiday Gifts For Men In Your Life

Men are always the hardest to shop for, am I right? Finding gifts for men is always so tough - my dad always buys everything he wants, my brothers are super eclectic, and my future husband is a little picky (YOU HEARD ME).

It's for this exact reason that creating a gift guide focusing on gifts for men is my favorite guide I create every holiday season. I love the challenge of creating the perfect assortment of gift picks for ya'll to make your lives easier - and hopefully help you save a ton of time.

Down below you'll find my gifts for dads, brothers, and significant others. You can easily roll your mouse (or your finger!) over the "shop" buttons to shop the item, or click any of the pics in the widgets.

A big THANK YOU to anyone who does choose to shop my gift guides this year. I do use affiliate links and am always just so thankful to anyone who shops - it doesn't cost you anything extra, but really supports content creators!

Gifts for Dad

Big pops is always a struggle to shop for because he literally buys everything he wants and he has expensive taste. My dad is a big techie, but I typically try to steer clear of big technology gifts because most people are very specific about the tech they want and tech is pricey.

If your dad loves coffee like mine, I highly recommend looking at a Nespresso as a gift. The Nespresso coffee tastes delicious and the pods are recyclable (you send them back in) unlike Keurig. There are always major major deals on Nespresso, too! I also found some cozy items for Dad like these boots and this sherpa zip up. My dad also always takes a seat cover with him (in the car, to games, etc) and I found a really affordable one for ya'll here. To top it all off - some luxury shaving cream from my ride or die skincare brand fave, Elemis.

For your siblings

Ah, brothers. You can't live with 'em, but can't live without 'em. But really, I love my brothers. I have two, they're both younger, and I enjoy spoiling them.

I know we ladies tend to think when we buy boys clothes as gifts they hate it - but my brothers are actually very clear they love getting nicer clothing items as gifts. Patagonia pullovers and jackets are some of their fave items to get gifted and a nice pair of joggers and a sleek, but functional bag are always appreciated. When in doubt, video game consoles, fancy basketballs, and fancy golf balls are also great picks.

Gifts for your significant other

This will be my first ever holiday season shopping for a H-U-S-B-A-N-D! Can you tell I'm excited?

But actually, my man is a little picky. No joke one year I got him something he didn't like and he made me come with him to return it for items he actually did want. I'd definitely rather him get what he likes - so no offense taken - but it makes shopping for him super tricky.

My suggestion is to play it safe - and cozy. A funky retro looking Patagonia is always a slam dunk or a vintage style fan pullover (you can find all the teams!) so he can rep his game while still looking sharp. The item KB legit exchanged my gift for was this pair of Bose headphones - they came out with a newer pair but unless you're an audiophile and can hear the slight sound difference I recommend sticking with the newly marked down 2018 pair. If your man likes video games, one up your gift to your brothers by getting him not the Nintendo Switch Lite, but the actual Switch (it's my personal fave console, you can read about that here).

Tell me what you're buying for the men in your life this year down in the comments below!

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