Fireworks Night With the Oakland A’s!

I want to kick this post off by prefacing that we all know I'm not really a sports kind of girl. Not usually, anyway. But do you know what I am?

An experience kind of girl.

And that is exactly why I love baseball games. I love the experience of the ballpark. I love the experience of the food, the energy, and the atmosphere. So when the A's invited me to come check out the newly revamped Coliseum in Oakland, I said YES as fast as I could.

KB came along with me and we spend our evening at the game. While it was my first time at an A's game, KB had been before and was telling me just how much has changed at the Coliseum. The food and drink options have been seriously upgraded and there have even been some entirely new additions to the park (namely Championship Plaza and The Treehouse, both of which I'll show you in this post).

So let's do this thing! 

First up, let's talk about The Treehouse.

Our seats were on the ground floor, but we wandered up to the top level first and foremost to check out The Treehouse - and the view! I've been to a handful of different stadiums and have to say - I've never seen anything quite like The Treehouse.

The Treehouse has three main components: an outdoor bar, an indoor bar/game room, and an outdoor viewing deck. The outdoor bar is gorgeous and looks brand new (and it literally looks like a treehouse). The indoor space is massive and there was so much space. I was seriously so surprised. There are beautiful string lights hanging from the ceiling and tons of games to play (like Foosball).

After grabbing a drink, you can wander out onto the outdoor viewing deck for an awesome aerial view of the field.  Even though we had seats waiting for us, we hung out on the deck for a while soaking in the view.

After our jaunt to The Treehouse, I was starting to get hungry. We migrated down to Championship Plaza because we heard rumors about some food trucks...


We're big food truck people. 

I let KB pick our dinner option because there were too many choices I couldn't decide (did I want Southern food or Korean BBQ?). We opted for Korean BBQ - a beef bowl and some kimchi tacos.


YES we did actually make it to our seats and watch the game (lolz). Although honestly I could've spent the entire time chowing down on more food truck grub.

Anywhoo - we made it to our seats and were floored by the view. I've never had such an amazing view at a baseball game in my life. Our seats were basically right behind the dugout! 

A bonus...The A's won the game! It was awesome to experience a win at the Coliseum!

After the game was my absolute favorite part of the evening...


Like actual, legit, really well done FIREWORKS. The fireworks night we happened to see was patriotic themed because it was right before the 4th of July, but the Coliseum actually has more fireworks night games planned! You can check the schedule here to attend a fireworks night - trust me it's amazing!

I seriously had such a blast experiencing everything the Coliseum has to offer - it was such a fun night!

Make sure to check out the game and fireworks schedule here to visit the Oakland Coliseum!

A huge thank you to my Oakland A's family for hosting me and sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to YOU for supporting the local organizations that make Blondes & Bagels possible!

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